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Sudan – Down with military rule

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists, 28 October 2021 Once again the masses of the Sudanese people have proved their capacity for steadfastness in the face of the military, in fact they have organised their ranks in a wave of strikes and demonstrations to shake al-Burhan and Hemedti’s coup. Hundreds of thousands of workers and professionals […]


Sudan at the crossroads

The great Sudanese revolution has arrived at the crossroads reached by every revolution in the modern era. Are the masses simply removing the head of the regime, or tearing it up by its roots? The Sudanese people have fought a heroic battle since last December, losing dozens of martyrs in clashes on the streets with […]


Five lessons from Sudan and Algeria

Article by The Socialist Newspaper, 9 March 2019 A new wave of mass mobilisations has been on the rise for many weeks in Algeria, and over the past three months in Sudan. It proves that the structural political and economic problems of the regimes – from political authoritarianism to extreme economic liberalism linked to corruption […]