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Against el-Sisi, leader of the counter-revolution

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… All the institutions of the state are mobilizing behind Abdel Fatah el-Sisi—from the army, to the police, the government, the judges, the media and the bosses—in preparation for his coronation as president on the 5 June. Falling coincidentally on the anniversary of the “Setback” [defeat by Israel in 1967], […]


Down with military rule … no to the return of the old regime … no to the return of the Brotherhood

Letter to the comrades by the Revolutionary Socialists Terrible massacres and violent repression … a huge escalation in attacks on Egyptian Christians and churches … the consolidation of the repressive military state continues apace. These are the momentous political developments we have experienced during the last few weeks. They pose enormous challenges to the revolution, […]


A bas la domination de l’armée! A bas Al­Sissi, le chef de la contre­révolution!

Déclaration des Socialistes Révolutionnaires L’évacuation  sanglante  des  sit-in  des  places  Nahda  et  Raba’a  al­Adawiyya  ne peut être  considérée  que  comme  un  massacre  préparé  à  l’avance  qui  ne  vise  pas  seulement  à liquider  les  Frères  musulmans,  mais  qui  fait  partie  d’un  plan  visant  à  liquider  la  révolution égyptienne et à rétablir le régime de Moubarak et […]


Down with military rule! Down with Al-Sisi, the leader of the counter-revolution!

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists The bloody dissolution of the sit-ins in Al-Nahda Square and Raba’a al-Adawiyya is nothing but a massacre prepared in advance. It aims not only to liquidate the Muslim Brotherhood, but is part of a plan to liquidate the Egyptian revolution and restore the Mubarak regime at its’ military-police state. The […]


Not in our name! No to Sisi’s Mandate

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… Not in our name! The Brotherhood was overthrown to deepen the revolution, not to support the regime. Whatever crimes the Brotherhood has committed against the people and against the Copts in defense of its power in the name of religion, we do not give Al-Sisi our authority. We will […]