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Resistance to the regime of counter-revolution: opportunities and challenges

The events of the last six weeks show the complex and contradictory nature of the current period in the long confrontation with the regime of the counter-revolution. The class and political characters of the regime are made very clear whether through its economic policies, the regional role it plays and its dependence on imperialism and […]


On the counter-revolution and the Islamists … an invitation to open discussion

Letter by the Revolutionary Socialists The latest statement by the Revolutionary Socialists “On terrorism and closing the nation’s ranks” triggered angry reactions and has been rejected on a variety grounds. Some of these reactions have taken the form of insults, abuse and mockery not only of the content of the statement but of the Revolutionary […]


Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists: On terrorism and closing the nation’s ranks

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists 19 July 2015 Perhaps the reactions to the latest wave of terrorist operations, and in particular those targeting army positions in Sinai, have confirmed the scale of crisis in the ranks of the Egyptian opposition. The regime’s response was clear and forthright: the wholesale adoption of exceptional laws in order […]


Al-Qassam are not terrorists: open the Rafah crossing and lift the siege of Gaza!

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists The decision by the Urgent Matters Court yesterday [31 January] to designate the Ezz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, as a “terrorist organisation” represents another round in the series of attacks by the Egyptian regime against the Palestinian resistance and the people of Gaza. Just one day […]


Die Qassam-Brigade ist keine Terrororganisation!

Äußerung der Revolutionären Sozialisten Das Urteil des Gerichts für dringende Fälle klassifiziert am Samstag die Qassam-Brigade, den militärischen Flügel von Hamas als Terrororganisation. Dies ist ein neues Glied in der Kette der Angriffe des ägyptischen Regimes auf den palästinensischen Widerstand und die Menschen in Gaza. Ein Tag nach dem schändlichen Urteil gelangt eine israelische Delegation […]


Glory to the martyrs of the January Revolution … down with Sisi’s judges

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists The ruling by the Cairo Criminal Court today [Saturday 29 November] in the re-trial of Mubarak, his sons Gamal and Ala’a and fugitive businessman Hussein Salem, former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and six of his key aides was awaited, in the midst of contrasting expectations about  the result, despite all […]


Sisi’s Government Lifts Fuel Subsidies

Article by Gigi Ibrahim When Anwar El Sadat attempted to lift subsidies in 1977, Egypt witnessed a two-day uprising called “the bread intifada,” where the urban poor burnt cars and hotels as a sign of rejection of policies that would favor the rich over the already struggling poor.               […]


Part 1: From the end of the revolutionary wave to preparing for a new revolution

Part one of a two-part article by Sameh Naguib There can be no doubt that we are witnessing a clear victory for the counter-revolution and confirmation of the end of the first wave of the Egyptian revolution. This does not mean, however, that the counter-revolution’s victory is final, nor does it mean that the revolutionary […]


Police, thugs violently disperse #NoProtestLaw march

21 June 2014 was the global day of solidarity with over 41,000 Egyptian detainees held between the July 3rd coup until May 2014, many of which have been convicted under an anti-protest law passed in November 2013. Prominent revolutionary activists sentenced to terms as high as 15 years in prison for protesting, include activists like Alaa Abdel […]