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Strikes are our weapon in the face of repression

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… Workers of Egypt…the blood of the martyrs cries out to you. Strikes are the way to confront the gang of Mubarak and the military While the counterrevolution prepares for complete control over political powers, with blatant disregard for the blood of the martyrs and the thousands of injured in […]


The people protect and complete their revolution

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… Waves of revolutionaries have thundered into the streets of Egypt, rejecting the shameful court rulings which have killed our martyrs for a second time, thus directing a new blow at the military council, leader of the counter revolution, and its allies. Perhaps this will remind the junta that the […]


Down with Shafiq… Down with the new Mubarak!

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… The Revolutionary Socialists Movement confirms its opposition on principle to the candidate of the Military Council, the dissolved National Democratic Party, and the forces of the counter-revolution, Ahmed Shafiq, who has managed to reach the second round of the presidential elections to face the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood, […]