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Army Blocks Egyptian People’s Convoy to Gaza

On 19 July 2014 about 500 activists joined a humanitarian convoy from Cairo to Gaza in order to deliver solidarity and medical aid. The People’s Convoy was organized by various political groups and independent activists including 6 of April, Revolutionary Socialists, Strong Egypt Party, Dostor Party, students from several universities, and a few workers from […]


Not in our name! No to Sisi’s Mandate

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… Not in our name! The Brotherhood was overthrown to deepen the revolution, not to support the regime. Whatever crimes the Brotherhood has committed against the people and against the Copts in defense of its power in the name of religion, we do not give Al-Sisi our authority. We will […]


No safe exit for the murderous military council

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists…  The masses of the Egyptian people came out on 25 January 2011 to demand the fall of the regime and everything it represented in terms of tyranny, oppression and dependency. Through their steadfastness and the blood of their martyrs, they were able to get rid of the regime’s head […]


Strikes are our weapon in the face of repression

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… Workers of Egypt…the blood of the martyrs cries out to you. Strikes are the way to confront the gang of Mubarak and the military While the counterrevolution prepares for complete control over political powers, with blatant disregard for the blood of the martyrs and the thousands of injured in […]


The people protect and complete their revolution

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… Waves of revolutionaries have thundered into the streets of Egypt, rejecting the shameful court rulings which have killed our martyrs for a second time, thus directing a new blow at the military council, leader of the counter revolution, and its allies. Perhaps this will remind the junta that the […]


Military repression will not intimidate us

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… In the latest episode of the campaign of repression and smears against the revolutionary movements, many media outlets have recently been circulating inaccurate information about the questioning of three members of the Revolutionary Socialists. We confirm that until now, no member of the group has received official summons to […]


In defense of the Ultras: Their message and our response

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… What was the intended message of the crime committed against the Ahly Ultras that killed more than 70 martyrs? Was it to punish the forces and groups that participated in the revolution and still continue to oppose the SCAF? Or was this crime, which occurred on the anniversary of […]


The mask has slipped

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… Only a short while ago, Major General Fangari saluted the martyrs of the revolution and melted Egyptians’ hearts with the memories of the days they spent chanting that the army and the people were “one hand.” Today, he delivered another kind of message to the revolutionaries: threats to “take […]


The Military Council: Guardian of Dictatorship and Corruption

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… The attacks by the armed forces on unarmed demonstrators at dawn today using live bullets and tear gas, and their attempt to terrify protestors with armored cars, puts the Military Council clearly in the camp of counter-revolution. The attempts to break up the protest camp can have no other […]