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Resisting the policies of impoverishment and exploitation

The rule of counter-revolution moves with insistence towards crushing the lives of the poor and toilers in Egypt. Having already achieved record levels of poverty exceeding 27% of the population, unemployment at 13% and inflation above 14%, the regime has decided to float the Egyptian pound and increase fuel prices on black Thursday, thus multiplying […]


Haitham Mohamedain writes from prison: “the generals have put Egypt up for sale”

Letter from Haitham Mohamedain, 29 July 2016 To the Egyptian people, to the January revolutionaries, to the dear comrades. Our struggle against the sale of the Tiran and Sanafir islands to the Saudi Kingdom is inseparable from the goals of the January revolution. When we chanted “he who sells Sanafir and Tiran, will tomorrow sell […]


No to military trials for civilians… Down with the military regime

“They had the intention to commit terrorist crimes”. That is the accusation for which the punishment is execution. This sums up the story of eight young opponents of the military regime, who were sentenced to death yesterday in the so-called “Cairo cell” affair in the absence of any concrete evidence or proof, alongside twenty others […]


On the counter-revolution and the Islamists … an invitation to open discussion

Letter by the Revolutionary Socialists The latest statement by the Revolutionary Socialists “On terrorism and closing the nation’s ranks” triggered angry reactions and has been rejected on a variety grounds. Some of these reactions have taken the form of insults, abuse and mockery not only of the content of the statement but of the Revolutionary […]


Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists: On terrorism and closing the nation’s ranks

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists 19 July 2015 Perhaps the reactions to the latest wave of terrorist operations, and in particular those targeting army positions in Sinai, have confirmed the scale of crisis in the ranks of the Egyptian opposition. The regime’s response was clear and forthright: the wholesale adoption of exceptional laws in order […]


The assassination of the Prosecutor General: statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists 30 June 2015 Usually the assassination of public figures unleashes a whirlwind of confusion as propaganda and counter-propaganda circulate, conspiracy theories flourish and violence is met with counter-violence. Naturally the assassination of the Prosecutor General, the day before the 30 June has created an unprecedented state of panic and hysteria. […]


Déclaration des organisations marxistes révolutionnaires dans la région arabe sur la situation au Yémen

Déclaration des organisations marxistes révolutionnaires dans la région arabe 2 April 2015 Le 26 mars 2015 à minuit des avions de combat appartenant à dix pays arabes et musulmans (Pakistan), commandés par l’Arabie saoudite, ont effectué leurs premiers raids au Yémen. Le prétexte est de faire face à une milice confessionnelle yéménite (les rebelles houthis), […]


Joint statement on Yemen by revolutionary socialist groups in the Middle East

Statement by revolutionary socialist groups in the Middle East At midnight, between March 26 and 27, 2015, warplanes belonging to ten Arab and Muslim (Pakistan) countries, led by Saudi Arabia, launched a raid Yemen, under the pretext of dealing with the sectarian Yemeni militia (the Houthi rebels) believed to be linked to a foreign state, […]