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Free Hisham!

Before his arrest in the early hours of Tuesday the 25th of June 2019, i.e. 545 days ago, journalist Hisham Fouad Abdel Alim has been receiving medical treatment and physiotherapy for back pain due to pathology in his back vertebrae. In prison Hisham received some physiotherapy which has for more than month been stopped as […]


Against oppression, ostracism and hate: remembering Sara Hegazy

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists, 16 June, 2020 The Revolutionary Socialists movement mourns the socialist activist Sara Hegazy who left our world yesterday, 15 June. We send solidarity to her comrades, family and loved ones who were not left a single minute to grieve by those who flooded her online obituaries with hateful comments. Describing […]


Erklärung der revolutionären Sozialisten: Lasst die Gefangenen raus!

Während sich verschiedene Länder auf neue Verhaltensregeln einstellen, um das Verbreiten der Corona-Virus Epidemie vorzubeugen, indem Studium und Veranstaltungen mit mehreren Menschen eingestellt wird, sodass die Überlastung von Einrichtungen wie in Schulen und Gefängnissen zu verringern, befinden sich im Gegensatz dazu ungefähr Zehntausenden von Kriminellen und ca. 60.000 politische Gefangene, deren genaue Anzahl schwer einzuschätzen […]


Haitham Mohamedain writes from prison: “the generals have put Egypt up for sale”

Letter from Haitham Mohamedain, 29 July 2016 To the Egyptian people, to the January revolutionaries, to the dear comrades. Our struggle against the sale of the Tiran and Sanafir islands to the Saudi Kingdom is inseparable from the goals of the January revolution. When we chanted “he who sells Sanafir and Tiran, will tomorrow sell […]


Dr Taher Mokhtar’s detention renewed for 15 days

News article from Abdin Court decided on Sunday 17 January to renew the detention of Dr Taher Mokhtar, member of the Rights and Freedoms Committee of the Egyptian Doctors’ Union, and Ahmed Mohamed Hassan and Hossam-al-Din Hamad for 15 days, in order to continue investigating them for possession of publications calling for the overthrow […]


Dr Taher Mokhtar arrested

News article from Ministry of Interior forces stormed the house of Dr Taher Mokhtar, member of the Freedoms and Rights Committee of the Doctors’ Union at dawn on 14 January, arresting him along with his friend Ahmad Hassan and Hossam al-Din Hamady. They were then transferred to Abdin police station for interrogation. Dr Ahmed […]


Their feast is in prisons

Written by: Ahmed Gamal Zyada, on July 16, 2015. Translated by: Christine Emad Between four walls they sit down, waiting and wishing to watch something different, or hear voices that remind them of the days that never spin away of their minds. But there’s nothing new except that there’s nothing new; same faces, same voices, […]


Updated: Comrade Mahienour joins hunger strike

Comrade Mahienour el-Masry, currently serving a jail sentence in Damanhour Women’s Prison for breaking the repressive anti-protest law, began a hunger strike yesterday, 24 August, in solidarity with Alaa Abdel-Fattah and all other political prisoners jailed by the regime. Alaa is among a number of political prisoners who have declared an open-ended hunger strike in […]