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Al-Qassam are not terrorists: open the Rafah crossing and lift the siege of Gaza!

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists The decision by the Urgent Matters Court yesterday [31 January] to designate the Ezz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, as a “terrorist organisation” represents another round in the series of attacks by the Egyptian regime against the Palestinian resistance and the people of Gaza. Just one day […]


Die Qassam-Brigade ist keine Terrororganisation!

Äußerung der Revolutionären Sozialisten Das Urteil des Gerichts für dringende Fälle klassifiziert am Samstag die Qassam-Brigade, den militärischen Flügel von Hamas als Terrororganisation. Dies ist ein neues Glied in der Kette der Angriffe des ägyptischen Regimes auf den palästinensischen Widerstand und die Menschen in Gaza. Ein Tag nach dem schändlichen Urteil gelangt eine israelische Delegation […]


Victory for the Palestinian Resistance … A blow to Israel and its allies

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists The resistance triumphed after an attack lasting 50 days: bombing with all kinds of advanced weapons, thousands killed and twice that number injured and the expulsion of around half a million Palestinians from their homes. The resistance triumphed in the face of this brutality by an enemy armed with the […]


Army Blocks Egyptian People’s Convoy to Gaza

On 19 July 2014 about 500 activists joined a humanitarian convoy from Cairo to Gaza in order to deliver solidarity and medical aid. The People’s Convoy was organized by various political groups and independent activists including 6 of April, Revolutionary Socialists, Strong Egypt Party, Dostor Party, students from several universities, and a few workers from […]