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The assassination of the Prosecutor General: statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists 30 June 2015 Usually the assassination of public figures unleashes a whirlwind of confusion as propaganda and counter-propaganda circulate, conspiracy theories flourish and violence is met with counter-violence. Naturally the assassination of the Prosecutor General, the day before the 30 June has created an unprecedented state of panic and hysteria. […]


Glory to the martyrs of the January Revolution … down with Sisi’s judges

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists The ruling by the Cairo Criminal Court today [Saturday 29 November] in the re-trial of Mubarak, his sons Gamal and Ala’a and fugitive businessman Hussein Salem, former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and six of his key aides was awaited, in the midst of contrasting expectations about  the result, despite all […]


The people protect and complete their revolution

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… Waves of revolutionaries have thundered into the streets of Egypt, rejecting the shameful court rulings which have killed our martyrs for a second time, thus directing a new blow at the military council, leader of the counter revolution, and its allies. Perhaps this will remind the junta that the […]


Retribution is in the hands of the people

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… Mubarak’s regime has issued its judgment on the deposed president and his two sons, on Habib el-Adly and his supporters, a verdict that demonstrates the monstrous growth of the counterrevolution. The verdict issued by the Egyptian bureaucracy expresses its own standing, and that of its allies among the powerful […]


After killing 100 Martyrs: Workers of Egypt Strike!

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… After the blood of 100 martyrs has been spilled: Workers of Egypt – rise up and save the revolution! On 11 February of last year, we kicked out the tyrant … but today we’re still living the same old way… and our demands are still the same. We won’t […]


Mubarak’s Regime Lose It 3 days before circus trial

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… Repression is not new to the Mubarak regime, nor to the heirs of al-Adly in the Ministry of Interior, or his men in the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, or his slaves in the Military Police. But today’s attack on the protest camp in Tahrir with electric batons; […]


Sharaf’s speech and the policy of trembling hands

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… Last night’s speech by Essam Sharaf confirmed what many already did not doubt: that this government is not, and will not be a government of the revolution. Despite the claims by the Prime Minister that he listened to the demands of the revolutionaries in the Tahrir Squares of all […]


The Military Council: Guardian of Dictatorship and Corruption

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists… The attacks by the armed forces on unarmed demonstrators at dawn today using live bullets and tear gas, and their attempt to terrify protestors with armored cars, puts the Military Council clearly in the camp of counter-revolution. The attempts to break up the protest camp can have no other […]