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On the counter-revolution and the Islamists … an invitation to open discussion

Letter by the Revolutionary Socialists The latest statement by the Revolutionary Socialists “On terrorism and closing the nation’s ranks” triggered angry reactions and has been rejected on a variety grounds. Some of these reactions have taken the form of insults, abuse and mockery not only of the content of the statement but of the Revolutionary […]


Haitham Mohamedain: Letter on sectarianism and counter-revolution

Article by Haitham Mohamedain (part 2) Read part 1 here Letter 2: The counter-revolution advances, boosted by sectarian slogans and phony nationalism with the backing of Islamist and secular political forces Sectarianism is the way of counter-revolution. Tantawi knew this route all too well. The unity of the masses in the squares fragmented and confusion […]


Haitham Mohamedain: Letters to the revolutionary youth (1)

Article by Haitham Mohamedain (part 1) Letter 1: Terrorism or the anger of the masses? In the context of escalating terrorism by the state against all who demand freedom and social justice in the form of massacres, arrests, smashing demonstrations, pardoning criminals, and wholesale killings, it was noticeable that some of the youth reacted to […]


The counter-revolution and the masses: what is to be done?

Article by Mahmoud Ezzat We have seen a massive turnout at the polls culminate in Al-Sisi’s election as president with a sweeping nearly 93 percent of the vote in the midst of massive popular celebrations This is the picture which the counter-revolution’s media machine is trying to falsely present in the newspapers and on TV […]