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No to military trials for civilians… Down with the military regime

“They had the intention to commit terrorist crimes”. That is the accusation for which the punishment is execution. This sums up the story of eight young opponents of the military regime, who were sentenced to death yesterday in the so-called “Cairo cell” affair in the absence of any concrete evidence or proof, alongside twenty others […]


On the counter-revolution and the Islamists … an invitation to open discussion

Letter by the Revolutionary Socialists The latest statement by the Revolutionary Socialists “On terrorism and closing the nation’s ranks” triggered angry reactions and has been rejected on a variety grounds. Some of these reactions have taken the form of insults, abuse and mockery not only of the content of the statement but of the Revolutionary […]


The assassination of the Prosecutor General: statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists 30 June 2015 Usually the assassination of public figures unleashes a whirlwind of confusion as propaganda and counter-propaganda circulate, conspiracy theories flourish and violence is met with counter-violence. Naturally the assassination of the Prosecutor General, the day before the 30 June has created an unprecedented state of panic and hysteria. […]


Haitham Mohamedain: Letter on sectarianism and counter-revolution

Article by Haitham Mohamedain (part 2) Read part 1 here Letter 2: The counter-revolution advances, boosted by sectarian slogans and phony nationalism with the backing of Islamist and secular political forces Sectarianism is the way of counter-revolution. Tantawi knew this route all too well. The unity of the masses in the squares fragmented and confusion […]


A bas la justice de la fraude… A bas le régime militaire !

Déclaration des Socialistes révolutionnaires Le ministère de la Justice d’A-Sisi, qui n’a rien à voir avec la justice, a rendu une décision de saisir les biens d’un certain nombre de camarades membres des Socialistes révolutionnaires, du Mouvement 6-Avril et de la Jeunesse pour la justice et la liberté, dans une liste comportant 112 personnes, les […]


Die Revolutionären Sozialisten antworten auf die Beschlagnahmung des Vermögens von führenden Aktivisten

Äußerung der Revolutionären Sozialisten… Nieder mit den korrupten Richtern… Nieder mit dem Militärregime Al-Sisis Justizministerium – welches nicht weiß was “Justiz” bedeutet – entschied das Vermögen und Eigentum von Kameraden von den Revolutionären Sozialisten, der Jugendbewegung des 6ten April und der Jugendbewegung für Gerechtigkeit und Freiheit für zu beschlagnahmen. Diese Kameraden sind auf einer Liste […]


Part 1: From the end of the revolutionary wave to preparing for a new revolution

Part one of a two-part article by Sameh Naguib There can be no doubt that we are witnessing a clear victory for the counter-revolution and confirmation of the end of the first wave of the Egyptian revolution. This does not mean, however, that the counter-revolution’s victory is final, nor does it mean that the revolutionary […]


Down with military rule … no to the return of the old regime … no to the return of the Brotherhood

Letter to the comrades by the Revolutionary Socialists Terrible massacres and violent repression … a huge escalation in attacks on Egyptian Christians and churches … the consolidation of the repressive military state continues apace. These are the momentous political developments we have experienced during the last few weeks. They pose enormous challenges to the revolution, […]