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Egypt: the masses have taken the lead

22 September, 2019 Once again, the masses have proved that they are far in advance of the political elite by surprising them, thousands answered the call of Muhammad Ali to go into the streets and demonstrate against Sisi. The masses have raised again the chants and slogans of the January 2011 revolution in the squares […]


Down with Sisi and long live the people!

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists, 21 September 2019 Whatever the outcome of the demonstrations we are witnessing, and whether or not you stand with them or against them, it is certain that the grip of terror on the hearts of people across Egypt is slackening and that the wall of fear built by the regime […]


Review: The Meek and the Militant

First published in 1986, Paul Siegel’s The Meek and the Militant: Religion and Power Across the World is an informative and easy to digest read for anyone who has ever pondered the Marxist position on religion or inaccurately encapsulated it within Marx’s famous quote: “Religion is the opium of the People.” Siegel begins by outlining […]


Sudan at the crossroads

The great Sudanese revolution has arrived at the crossroads reached by every revolution in the modern era. Are the masses simply removing the head of the regime, or tearing it up by its roots? The Sudanese people have fought a heroic battle since last December, losing dozens of martyrs in clashes on the streets with […]


Cinq messages du Soudan et de l’Algérie

Article publié anonymement en Arabe sur le site des Socialistes Révolutionnaires en Egypte, 9 Mars 2019 La poussée des masses populaires algériennes ne faiblit pas après des semaines de mobilisation, tandis que celle du peuple soudanais entre dans son quatrième mois. Ces vagues nouvelles de protestations montrent que les masses continueront à résister tant que […]


Five lessons from Sudan and Algeria

Article by The Socialist Newspaper, 9 March 2019 A new wave of mass mobilisations has been on the rise for many weeks in Algeria, and over the past three months in Sudan. It proves that the structural political and economic problems of the regimes – from political authoritarianism to extreme economic liberalism linked to corruption […]


Algerian revolutionaries: now get rid of the lot of them!

Those who have never known any ruler but Bouteflika have risen up against his perpetual presidency. Those who lived through the “Black Decade” between the hammer of military rule and the anvil of the terrorist groups have overthrown fear and destroyed illusions, bringing the masses once again to centre stage by forcing Bouteflika to go […]