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The tenth anniversary of the January revolution and lessons from the defeat

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists 28 January 2021 A decade has passed since the most important event in the modern history of Egypt since 1919. The January 2011 revolution was defeated and we are still paying the price of this defeat today. Perhaps the continuing violence and barbarism of the counter-revolution despite the passing of […]


Free Hisham!

Before his arrest in the early hours of Tuesday the 25th of June 2019, i.e. 545 days ago, journalist Hisham Fouad Abdel Alim has been receiving medical treatment and physiotherapy for back pain due to pathology in his back vertebrae. In prison Hisham received some physiotherapy which has for more than month been stopped as […]


Freiheit für die Häftlinge… Die Massen haben das Recht zu protestieren!

Die Wichtigkeit und Bedeutung der Demonstrationen, die in den letzten Tagen in Ägypten stattfanden, werden weder an ihrer Größe oder Verbreitung gemessen noch an der Art der Aufrufe, die ihnen vorausgingen, oder an denen, die dazu aufgerufen haben. Die Bedeutung dieser Demonstrationen kann nur in dem Kontext gemessen werden, in dem sie stattgefunden haben. Die […]


Against oppression, ostracism and hate: remembering Sara Hegazy

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists, 16 June, 2020 The Revolutionary Socialists movement mourns the socialist activist Sara Hegazy who left our world yesterday, 15 June. We send solidarity to her comrades, family and loved ones who were not left a single minute to grieve by those who flooded her online obituaries with hateful comments. Describing […]