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Deception, Racism, and Criminality… Who Else for Sudan But Us?!

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

A fierce racist campaign has erupted in recent months targeting displaced individuals arriving from neighboring countries, particularly Sudanese refugees. This campaign is primarily led by the Egyptian regime’s media and its supporters, as well as pages of the “new nationalists.” The campaign aims to blame refugees for the economic deterioration, from rising prices to power cuts to the devaluation of the Egyptian pound. This narrative has found some resonance among poor citizens who are suffering from poverty and declining living standards, which is precisely what the regime wants. In short, this campaign tries to shift the crisis onto the refugees and cover up the failures of the Sisi regime.

It’s a campaign of misinformation and distortion of the truth to direct people’s anger towards the weakest party. This is an old trick that the ruling regime uses all the time. Recently, it blamed the drop in the pound’s value on exchange companies and the black market. After shutting down exchange companies and eliminating the black market, the dollar’s price increased from 7 pounds to 50 pounds under its rule.

They blamed price increases on merchants, as if merchants were raising diesel prices, which in turn raised transportation costs and, subsequently, the prices of goods. Now, it’s the refugees’ turn to be blamed for all evils. Did the Sudanese play a role in the failure of the Zohr gas field? Did they contribute to the failure of the furniture city in Damietta or the marble and granite city in Galala? Did they have a role in the rise of external debt or the failure of the fish farm project? The only question left is whether the Sudanese have been ruling for the past ten years!

We, for our part, will not remain silent in the face of this fraud and criminality. We will stand firmly against all proponents of nationalistic racism, with a sincere belief in equality among humans. We believe that the crises in neighboring countries are closely linked to our policies and that the unity of the region’s peoples is essential for collective survival against the wrath and oppression of these authoritarian regimes.

Egyptians can only survive with the Sudanese, and our relationship with them will not be opportunistic as the regimes act when they raise the slogans of Nile Valley unity during a crisis with the Nile upstream countries, only to then lead a racist counter-campaign against the Sudanese to cover up policy failures domestically. Excuse us, but the Sudanese are not tools to be used as you please for your benefit.

We call on the Egyptian people to stand together against this vile racist campaign targeting people experiencing poverty who come from the south of the valley. The Sudanese are partners in the struggle; they are part of us, and we are part of them. They are as poor as we are, and no racist calls will separate us. We will not be swayed by a systemic campaign that blames them for policy failures.

No to racism… Long live the unity of the world’s peoples.