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In Solidarity with Abu El-Diyar: Long Live Hope!

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

Today, the New Cairo Court in the Fifth Settlement upheld the in-absentia sentence against Mohamed Abu El-Diyar, sentencing him to one year of hard labor in case number 16336 of 2023, Misdemeanors Appeals Court of El-Matariya, known in the media as the “Popular Delegations Case.”

Abu El-Diyar, a legal committee coordinator for lawyers in Dokki, Giza Governorate, and the campaign director for former presidential candidate Ahmed Tantawi, was also arrested last week. This came after the court upheld the prison sentences against him and 21 members of his campaign from various governorates, allegedly for forging electoral documents during the last presidential elections, which were marred by restrictions, bans, and arrests to pave the way for Sisi’s third term.

The Revolutionary Socialists Movement condemns the arrest of Ahmed Tantawi and his campaign members and demands their immediate release. The movement asserts that the arrest of Tantawi’s campaign members is part of the military regime’s ongoing strategy to stifle and suppress all forms of political activity, especially when it threatens the general’s throne, which he has held with an iron fist for over ten years. We have witnessed the arrest or house arrest of any potential opponent to the dictator.

In solidarity with Tantawi’s campaign,
Long live hope!