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Weaponizing Hunger: A War Crime Against Egyptians!

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

Doubling the price of subsidized bread following the exorbitant price hikes for all food commodities in recent months is nothing less than an actual crime against the poor Egyptians. Yes, it is a crime that cannot be discussed merely as one of the decisions to raise prices. This is because subsidized bread is the last remaining item on the tables of people experiencing poverty after most families cannot provide other types of food for their children. It is literally what separates vast segments of Egyptians from hunger.

Due to successive waves of high prices, Egyptians’ food has become something resembling meager rations reminiscent of wartime or under occupation, meaning they get a third of their daily protein from bread. In other words, plain bread has become the staple of daily food, akin to wartime sustenance. In addition, there is a suffocating military security grip that besieges cities, occupies squares, builds prisons, and is ready to crush people experiencing poverty at any moment they reject “hunger.” So, what’s the difference between them and an occupation?

The price of bread had already doubled before this increase, and the government is lying. The subsidized loaf used to weigh 130 grams, then its weight was reduced to 90 grams without anyone noticing. Yes, a government of thieves that knows how to steal the “food of the poor.”

The allocations for bread subsidies, and indeed all subsidies in the state’s general budget, do not equate to any proportion of the allocations for servicing foreign debts. These debts have accumulated due to the copious loans obtained by Sisi and his government, from which people experiencing poverty did not benefit but bear the burden of repayment. While the percentage of bread subsidies is 2.35%, and the percentage of food card subsidies is 0.93% of the general budget, the percentage of debt interest exceeds 47%.

The failure of Sisi, his government, and his military state spans all levels. After eight months of collusion with the enemy in the genocide war on Gaza—Gaza, our people, and our historic extension—and leaving its people to face a Zionist holocaust a few meters from our borders under the pretext of focusing on building the country and improving the conditions of the people, the regime is starving both the people of Gaza and the people of Egypt. They squandered our dignity and stole our sustenance simultaneously.

The decision to increase the price of subsidized bread today comes within a package of policies that eliminate what remains for the poor in Egypt. Before this decision, the government prepared to privatize public hospitals by allowing their leasing so there would be no place left to treat people experiencing poverty. The Drug Authority decided to raise drug prices by up to 40%, and a new increase in electricity and fuel prices is on the way, naturally accompanied by an increase in the prices of all goods and services, leaving the poor with not even shrouds after death.

No to the increase in bread prices! No to the use of hunger as a weapon against the Egyptians!