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Rafah.. The Enemy at Egypt’s Gates

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

The Zionist enemy army announced today, Tuesday, its full control over the Rafah crossing from the Palestinian side. The enemy’s flags were raised at Egypt’s gates, and Zionist army tanks were stationed inside the crossing on the Palestinian side after a military operation that began yesterday.

The enemy’s military operation at the Rafah crossing came after the Palestinian resistance agreed to a truce proposal sponsored by Qatar and Egypt, which put the enemy in a dilemma. After more than half a year of genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, its siege, and starvation, the occupation failed to retrieve its captives from the resistance except through a previous truce agreement or by recovering them dead amid military battles. The enemy did not respond positively to the truce agreement, as its approval would clearly mean announcing the victory of the Palestinian resistance.

The Zionist enemy could not be at Egypt’s gates now without the complicity of the Egyptian regime, which has tightened the siege on the Rafah crossing for years, especially during the months of war. The regime even profited from the suffering of Palestinian travelers and patients through its partners, such as the Arjany group and its company “Hala.” The enemy would not have dared to control the Rafah crossing without arrangements with the Egyptian side or without sensing the enemy’s subservience and weakness in the face of all the privileges enjoyed by the ruling class in Egypt through its normalization relations and deep economic interests with the occupation. This explains the farcical statement by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, which calls on Israel to exercise restraint!

The Egyptian regime disregards the Zionist enemy’s violation of the peace agreement and its security annexes, which prevent the presence of the occupation army on the Palestinian side of the crossing. These are the agreements that the regime has constantly bombarded us with. This regime does not enforce the law or fabricate charges except against those in solidarity with Palestine, directly assisting and supporting the Zionist enemy. The enemy would not have dared such an operation in Rafah without being sure that those in solidarity with Palestine in Egypt are in the prisons and detention centers of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi or under the pursuit of his security apparatus and without being sure that Sisi’s regime would not exceed its role as a mere mediator pressuring the Palestinian resistance.

The enemy is at Egypt’s gates, and the meager food and medical aid that used to enter the Gaza Strip has completely stopped, warning of a more severe humanitarian catastrophe. We do not rely at all on any position from the Egyptian regime regarding what is happening now in Rafah. The Revolutionary Socialists stand firmly with the Palestinian resistance that is now clashing with the Zionist enemy in the darkest of circumstances. They stand firmly with the students in their global movement in solidarity with Palestine despite the persecution and repression they face from governments that only defend democracy and freedom of expression when it aligns with their interests.

The Revolutionary Socialists call for escalating the necessary solidarity with Palestine in all possible forms and ways. We call on workers and professionals to join the student movement by organizing strikes and other forms of solidarity. The enemy is now at Egypt’s gates, and there is no security or livelihood except by supporting the resistance and its victory.