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Our martyr joins Gaza’s fallen while the regime busies itself, imprisoning dissenters

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

The Zionist enemy committed a massacre against the displaced in tents in Rafah, Palestine, the night before last. This resulted in the martyrdom of dozens and severe injuries, many of which led to amputations. The ruling regimes around the world witnessed horrifying scenes of burning tents.

The enemy’s attack came a day after the Palestinian resistance announced the killing and capture of new soldiers in a well-executed ambush in the Jabalia camp, north of Gaza. The resistance rained rockets on the enemy the following day after about eight months of genocide, siege, and starvation.

The enemy’s attack was driven by revenge and a futile attempt to achieve any victory it had been seeking since October 7. This enemy would not have dared to commit this massacre, steps away from Egypt, without being confident that the Egyptian regime’s reaction would not exceed mere condemnation at most.

Yesterday morning, we were informed by the Zionist entity about a clash between Egyptian army soldiers and the enemy’s army. Reports conflicted about the martyrdom of two Egyptian soldiers, with additional injuries on the Egyptian side, while the enemy’s army confirmed no casualties among its ranks. Hours later, the Egyptian military spokesperson stated that an investigation was underway after a shooting incident on the Rafah border strip resulted in the martyrdom of “one of the security personnel.”

The Egyptian regime did not bother to condemn the attack perpetrated by the enemy’s army yesterday. This attack is not the first of its kind, not even with a formal diplomatic rebuke. This regime, which refrains from taking a firm stance on such aggression and claims that the incident is under investigation despite the enemy’s acknowledgment of the events, is a regime that knows decisiveness only to maintain its repressive grip on power. This was evident yesterday in the sentencing of former presidential candidate Ahmed Tantawi and several members of his campaign in the fabricated “Popular Mandates Case.” This decisiveness is also seen in the arrest of anyone who shows solidarity with Palestine, even if it is just by raising a banner or participating in a protest.

The Revolutionary Socialists condemn the bloody massacre committed by the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian displaced in Rafah, as well as the severe assault on the Egyptian-Palestinian border. They affirm that the blood of those who were martyred yesterday due to this clash is on the regime’s hands, which disregarded the enemy’s forces’ presence on the Palestinian side, in violation of the so-called peace agreement.

The Revolutionary Socialists stand with the brave Palestinian resistance that continues to stand firm against Zionist barbarism under the harshest conditions, as well as with all those who show solidarity with Palestine. They call on political forces, workers, and students to struggle to revive and escalate the solidarity movement with Palestine by all possible means.