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The regime continues to strangle solidarity with Palestine: We condemn the arrest of activists in front of the United Nations headquarters and demand their immediate release

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

The Revolutionary Socialists Movement condemns the actions of the Egyptian security forces today, who arrested more than 15 protesters during a women’s protest in front of the United Nations headquarters in Maadi.

The purpose of the protest was to show solidarity with the women of Gaza and Sudan in the face of the crimes of killing and rape they have been subjected to for many months and to deliver a letter demanding that the United Nations investigate these crimes and intervene to protect the victims, especially given the UN’s complicity in providing international cover for these crimes. Even more shocking, the security personnel of the UN office participated in the arrest of the activists. The detained activists remain in custody to this day.

The regime in Egypt does not suffice with the impoverishment policies that have driven millions to the brink of hunger, nor with the political repression and the suppression of the public sphere for over a decade. It insists on stifling voices of solidarity, no matter how faint or symbolic they may be, in support of the Palestinian people. In this context, it continues to detain dozens of protesters in solidarity with the Palestinian people since last October 20th.

The regime is keen on suppressing all forms of solidarity for fear of it turning into an uprising against it, as it has persistently pursued policies that devastate the interests of the overwhelming majority of Egyptians.

Solidarity with the women of Gaza and Sudan is not a crime; the real crime is suppressing this solidarity. The greater crime is complicity in the crimes of the occupation in the Gaza Strip.
The Revolutionary Socialists Movement denounces the arrest of the detained activists and demands their immediate release, as well as the release of all those arrested for showing solidarity with the Palestinian people.
Freedom for those in solidarity with Gaza and Sudan.. Down with tyranny!