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Stop the repressions against the Palestine Conference in Berlin

We are hereby publishing an article by one of the organisations that co-initiated the Palestine Conference in Berlin, Revolutionäre Linke:

In light of the ongoing repressions, we shout even louder: We accuse Germany! Stop German complicity in the genocide in Gaza!

On the 12th of April in Berlin, the German reason of state again showed its true face: The Palestine Conference (Palästina Kongress), which we as the Revolutionary Left (Revolutionäre Linke) helped initiate, should have taken place from April 12th to 14th. Together with Palestinian and Jewish organizations as well as the international community, the Palestine Conference set out to denounce Israeli apartheid, the genocide of the Palestinians, and German complicity. For this, it has been exposed to a monstrous level of state repression and police violence.

The massive presence of 2,500 police officers deployed for the Palestine Conference already hindered the opening of the Conference – only fewer than 250 of the 800 waiting participants were allowed into the event building. While the police argued there was not enough space in the event building, they deployed dozens of police officers into the venue hall as well as at least 40 Zionist journalists from the Springer press. More than one Jewish person was arrested and taken away.

Although the more than two dozen Springer press “journalists” had not bought a ticket and had not received any press accreditation from the organizers, the police forced their access to the conference. On the one hand as intimidation and on the other hand to cause tension.

The doctor and rector of the University of Glasgow Dr. Ghasssan Abu-Sittah, who was supposed to speak at the Palestine Conference about his experiences and work in Gaza’s clinics, was refused entry at the Berlin Airport. The British citizen Ghassan Abu Sittah was interrogated for three hours in the basement of Berlin airport and then deported. He was also threatened with a year in prison if he spoke at the congress via Zoom.

As a video message from the world-renowned researcher Dr. Salman Abu-Sitta had been playing for one and a half minutes, the police stormed the venue hall, turned off the power, and interrupted the broadcast of the video message and the event’s live stream.

Finally, the Palestine Conference was declared over and banned by the police without justification.

More than 33,000 people have already been murdered in Gaza. Millions are displaced or starving while Germany continues to export weapons to Israel and tries to suppress and defame any solidarity with the Palestinians.

The events surrounding the Palestine Conference represent a new level of state restrictions on basic democratic rights that do not seem to apply to Palestine solidarity.

The German state wants to prevent its complicity in the genocide in Gaza from being exposed. It prevents eyewitnesses of the genocide, such as the doctor Ghassan Au Sittah, from entering Germany and uses brutal violence, particularly against Palestinian, Jewish and Muslim but also generally pro-Palestinian activists, and restricts basic democratic rights. But we won’t let ourselves be intimidated!

The police violence and the unprecedented severity of the repression will not prevent us from continuing to demand even louder together: Free Palestine! Stop German complicity in the genocide in Gaza! We will not be silenced!