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Repression is the Title of the Third Term: Freedom for the Detainees in Solidarity with Palestine

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

The ongoing arrests of young men and women in solidarity with Palestine, along with the continued imprisonment of the Mahalla workers who rose for justice after 40% of the population fell below the poverty line, demonstrate that repression, arrests, alliance with the Zionist entity, and price hikes are the hallmarks of the third term of the ruling dictatorial regime. This further confirms that the regime only seeks a superficial dialogue with political forces to cover its flaws, engineer its upcoming parliament, and continue its anti-popular policies.

The economically and politically troubled regime is fighting to suppress the youth movement in Egypt, which is outraged by the ongoing war of extermination that has claimed the lives of approximately 34,000 Palestinians so far, significantly as the scope of widespread anger is expanding across the Arab world. This is while the regime continues to close the Rafah crossing, where hundreds of trucks are piling up, and our people in Gaza are literally dying of hunger.

The despotic regime, which recently received a “temporary kiss of life” from American, European, and even Gulf colonial powers in exchange for its participation in the brutal siege of Gaza and its token opposition to the invasion of Rafah and the displacement of Palestinians, expects its American and European allies to turn a blind eye to its violations and repression due to escalating regional tensions following the Zionist bombardment of the Iranian consulate in Syria. Tehran has announced that it will retaliate this time, meaning the entire region is on a hot tin roof.

The regime exploited this new situation to attempt to impose a new taboo on angry protests for Palestine: “insulting the Argani self”*

Thus, it has become forbidden to criticize or chant against the role of Argani and his companies and militias in the siege of the people of Gaza and the imposition of his company “Hala” extortion fees to allow the heroic Palestinian people to enter Egypt, after Argani’s interests intertwined with the ruling family and its security apparatuses. His militias have turned into a new armed wing outside the scope of official forces to protect interests and influence if the masses rise to liberate themselves from the woes of poverty, oppression, and dependence.

Today, we affirm our full solidarity with the youth arrested after the journalists’ syndicate sit-in and demand their immediate release, along with their colleagues who were arrested last October on the same noble charge: solidarity with Palestine.

We emphasize that the necessary solidarity movement for the release of Palestine’s prisoners and prisoners of livelihood should not distract us from the duty to continue the struggle to support the Palestinian people’s fight. It is essential to organize the masses in support committees working to stop the war, open the Rafah crossing, halt normalization, expel the Zionist ambassador, recall the Egyptian ambassador, and cancel the Camp David Accords, using appropriate militant means for the current situation.

The “Revolutionary Socialists” movement draws attention to the fact that our battle with the ruling capitalist regime, an ally of the Zionist state, is a long one that requires organization, perseverance, and cumulative work in universities, unions, and factories. It also necessitates serious steps to unify the national, social, and democratic struggles into a single movement capable of extracting political and social rights. As we saw on Warraq Island last Friday, the demonstrations of the island’s residents against the regime’s attempts to displace them and expel them from their lands for the benefit of investment sharks turned into demonstrations in support of Palestine.
Finally, and always, Palestine’s liberation begins with Cairo’s liberation.

* Note: Al-Arjani refers to a specific individual, a businessman with ties to the regime. He and his companies and militias have become untouchable, making it forbidden to criticize or chant against his role in besieging the people of Gaza and imposing his company “Hala” to extort fees for allowing the heroic Palestinian people to enter Egypt.