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No to Terrorizing Workers: Free the Workers of Mahalla

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

The police state has yet to be content with offering meager concessions to the workers of Mahalla, who went on strike for a whole week demanding the application of the minimum wage for public sector workers. It also continues to detain five workers despite the workers ending their strike yesterday, Thursday.

This is how the regime continues its policies of suppressing the labor movement, which has noticeably increased since the victory of the counter-revolution in the summer of 2013, aiming to force wage earners to submit to the policies of capital.

The regime deludes itself into thinking that it can stop social protests through repression and intimidation without addressing the root cause of the escalating labor anger in recent times, which is poverty, which has reached the stage of hunger with a massive wave of rising prices.

Suppose the regime’s message to the workers who ended the strike in response to promises of releasing their colleagues is to continue detaining them. In that case, solidarity becomes an obligation for all public sector workers, especially the workers of Mahalla.

The Revolutionary Socialists Movement calls for the immediate release of the five detained workers: Sabah Ali, Mohamed El-Attar, Wael Abu Zaid, Mohamed Mahmoud, and Abdel Hamid Abu Amna. The movement calls on all political, civil, and human rights forces to organize a campaign to show solidarity with the detained workers.

The movement emphasizes that repression, even if it temporarily succeeds in intimidating the working class and halting their movement, their protests will erupt again and more violently. We have a lesson in the Bread Riots of 1977 (referring to the 1977 Bread Riots, a significant uprising sparked by economic hardship).

Support the workers of Mahalla.

 Free the workers of Mahalla.