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German Imperialism Minister in Egypt

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock traveled to Egypt on Monday. Here she announced: “Only an immediate humanitarian ceasefire leading to a permanent ceasefire will keep hope for peace alive – for Palestinians and Israelis alike.”

Baerbock had explicitly spoken out against a ceasefire for months because, according to Baerbock, this would only strengthen Hamas. To this day, Baerbock and other representatives of the German state speak of Israel’s “right to self-defense.” When mainstream media in Germany do report the number of over 32,000 Palestinians murdered, it is always promptly followed by a sentence stating that these numbers come from the “Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health” and therefore cannot be verified. 

The pro-genocidal venire of German mainstream media is more than obvious.

There is no coverage in Germany on UN reports of rape and sexual violence against Palestinians. Baerbock, who claims to “represent a feminist foreign policy,” also did not comment on the reports. German politicians continue to spread disproven narratives about October 7th and beyond. To this day, some media outlets still cling to the debunked racist narrative of “40 beheaded babies,” which was even repeated by Joe Biden.

After the bombing of the Al-Ahli Arabi hospital on October 17, which left hundreds of people dead, the German defense minister Pistorius claimed Israel could not be responsible because “what benefit should the Israelis get from attacking a civilian hospital?” This is “completely beyond imagination.”

Five months later, German media and politics no longer seem to be able to hide the obvious. Tagesschau reported  end of March that:

“Israel continues its attacks on clinics in the Gaza Strip. The army said it was carrying out new ‘precise’ operations at the Al-Shifa hospital complex in Gaza City. […] The advances launched on Sunday against the Al-Amal and Nasser hospitals in the southern city of Khan Yunis also continued.”

In this context, the demands of the German federal government are: Please bomb the Palestinians a little more slowly. Germany “warns” Israel of an offensive in Rafah. At the same time, they continue to unconditionally supply weapons to Israel that are used to kill Palestinians.

The ongoing genocide in Gaza has strengthened the German state’s interest in lucrative profits in the armaments sector. In 2023 there was a tenfold increase in arms exports from Germany to Israel. While German arms exports to Israel amounted to 32 million euros in 2022, this value rose to 303 million euros in 2023.