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8th of March: Down with Feminist Imperialism

We are documenting the speech of a comrade at the 8th of March demonstration titled “down with feminist imperialism” on international women’s day in Berlin:

Hello dear comrades and siblings!

Today we have gathered against feminist imperialism to say: Western imperialism has always used the mask of feminism for its brutal wars. From “saving Afghan women” by bombing their cities and villages and murdering their men, to “fighting Islamism” by slaughtering over 30.000 women, men & children in Gaza! Ideological warfare always serves as a necessary step for actual warfare, for the accumulation of profits and regional power.

Feminist imperialists can never be our allies— no matter what color, they are always our class enemies, from Hilary Clinton to Kamala Harris to Suella Bravermann to Annalena Baerbock! You do not represent us and have nothing to do with our struggles!

In December 2023, foreign minister Annalena Baerbock’s so-called “feminist foreign policy” cut funding to an Egyptian women’s rights organization because called for a stop to Israel’s assault on Gaza. The masks have fallen off! Is calling for an end to the genocide of the Palestinian people anti-feminist? Is calling for an end to the rape of Palestinian women which even the UN documented anti-feminist? Is calling for an end to the sexual assault against Palestinian women and men by the Zionist military anti-feminist?

If Germany’s foreign policy which stands on the side of genocide and the sexual assault of women and men in Gaza, is feminism, then we want nothing to do with your imperialist feminism! It is the same German imperialism that supports and upholds the Egyptian military dictatorship for over 11 years! We do not believe your liberal lies!

We see how the brave female textile workers in Mahalla in the Nile Delta, Egypt raised their voices just last week together with their male colleagues demanding their rights! They united, female and male workers, and were able to win their struggle for higher pay! This is our struggle and our inspiration! We must come together to fight as one revolutionary class against those at the top! We must not let ourselves be divided and instead unite to fight against this capitalist system of destruction!

We have one common enemy and that is the ruling class which exploits and oppresses us everywhere! Our enemy is well organized, we must be too, let’s organize together to smash this system!

As always: free Palestine and thawra thawra hatta an-nasr!