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Rafah: The Massacre at the Gates of Egypt

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

The Zionist enemy’s army has approved plans for military operations in the city of Rafah. Rafah, with an area of no more than 55 square kilometers, shelters one and a half million displaced people. The remaining children and women of Gaza have fled under the fire of the Zionist holocaust to the last city before the Egyptian border, hoping to find some security at Egypt’s gates.

Launching any military operation in that area would mean horrific massacres, especially since every square kilometer of Rafah accommodates 27,000 people. Their only escape from this catastrophe would be entering the Egyptian borders. In light of this, the Egyptian regime must stand against this catastrophe.

Remaining silent about the attack on Rafah means that the regime is implicated in one of two paths: The first is that the regime closes the border and the crossing and participates in attacking the people of Gaza if they try to cross the border, thereby participating in the crime of genocide against the Palestinian people. It would also be silent about the breach of the Camp David Agreement, which they have constantly emphasized its importance. Any military operation in Rafah would mean an attack on the Salah al-Din “Philadelphia” axis, which is prohibited from entering according to the agreement.

The second path is that the regime allows the displacement project to pass and permits Palestinians to move into Sinai under the pressure of the military operation.

We reject both paths, and the only way to prevent either from occurring is to avoid any military operation in Rafah and consider it a declaration of war on Egypt, thus ending the disgraceful Camp David Agreement.

In light of the above, the Revolutionary Socialists Movement sees that the enemy is proceeding to enforce one of two things: either displacing the people of Gaza to Sinai or exterminating Gaza at the gates of Sinai. If this is the case, there is no other way but for the unity of Gaza and Sinai to confront this enemy.

We also demand that the regime take the following actions:

  1. Open the road to the Rafah crossing for Egyptian and international popular and relief convoys so the crossing is protected by human masses from the Egyptian people, aligning and standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people on the other side.
  2. Summon the Egyptian ambassador, expel the enemy’s ambassador, and cut all relations with them.
  3. Submit an official complaint to the Security Council declaring the rejection of any military operation in Rafah and consider it a declaration of war on Egypt.

Long live the armed popular resistance in Palestine!

Long live Sinai, Egyptian land!