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Palestine Solidarity: Unity by focusing on common demands

The Israeli aggression against Gaza, which has resulted in the murder of over 30,000 Palestinians so far, is barbaric but not irrational. It is the product of a logic that the state has followed since its founding. From the beginning, the Zionist movement has relied on the systematic separation of Jewish immigration and the traditional Arab population. The aim was and is to gradually drive the Palestinian population out of their homes and places and thus conquer more and more land. Israel’s goal has always been to establish a single ethnic Jewish state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan.

To this end, the state of Israel has, among other things, built countless mechanisms such as checkpoints and a wall across Palestinian territory. Based on armed force, the country’s national territory was expanded further and further in several wars.

The current genocidal war against Gaza also obviously aims to make life impossible for the Palestinian population in the area. It is a war of displacement. Murder and starvation are part of it.

A look at the situation in the West Bank underlines this objective. There were no Hamas attacks there in October. And yet, in the shadow of international attention, Palestinian neighborhoods were ethnically cleansed by Zionist colonists and the Israeli army. Between October and the end of January, they murdered around 1,140 people and abducted 240 others in the West Bank. On January 31, an Israeli special force entered a hospital in Jenin, West Bank. Disguised as nurses and civilian guests, they shot three Palestinians in the hospital.

In the face of this terror, solidarity with the Palestinian people and their resistance is more necessary than ever. The unity of the solidarity movement in a united front must be in the foreground, especially in countries of the global North. Germany for one is one of the largest weapons exporters to Israel. The EU and the USA are currently complicit in genocide and it must be the duty of all antiracists and internationalists to unite their forces at this moment to fight against “their own ruling class”. Because weakening the ruling classes in the West means weakening its support for Zionist settler colonialism in Palestine. 

Given the countless conflicts in the Middle East, it is clear that there are many differences among different political groups within the Palestine solidarity movement, be it on West Sahara, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Iraq or Yemen. But also beyond that there are differences amongst the various political groups who are pro-Palestinian be it on the question of Islamism, women’s liberation, social democracy, the state, Stalinism, etc.

This must not prevent us from continuing the protests against the Israeli army’s current war on Gaza on the basis of unifying demands. These include calls for an immediate ceasefire, an end to Zionist settler colonialism and ethnic cleansing in its totality, and a stop to all arms exports and political relations with Israel. Exclusion based on attitudes to other conflicts in the region should not divide us in the current situation. This does not mean that we remain silent about our positions on other issues. On the contrary: through our propaganda, we always represent our revolutionary-socialist, internationalist content. Our motto must be unity in action, and freedom in propaganda.

Surveys show that over 60 percent of the German population tends to take a pro-Palestinian stance. To achieve this, the solidarity movement must be open, build on the humanitarian instincts of the majority emphasize the similarities, and win people over for our struggle.