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Jamil Suburb Follows in the Footsteps of Warraq Island

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

Yesterday, a citizen was killed, and another injured in the Jamil suburb of Port Said after a building collapsed on them while executive authorities were demolishing a group of houses. The Port Said Governorate’s Facebook page later commented on the killing of Atef Abdel Fattah Shabrawi Mohamed Badran, aged 39, in the suburb, stating that the citizen’s death was due to his presence at the site without reason. “He was present in the area without having any work or executive role,” the statement said. Adel al-Ghadban, Sisi’s favored governor of Port Said, emphasized that the decisions of the executive authority must be implemented even if it costs the lives of the residents.

On Sunday morning, a group of bulldozers, supported by police forces, began demolishing houses in the Jamil suburb. They claimed that the area had been earmarked for development according to the Supreme Council for Urban Planning and Development’s plan, which considered it a redevelopment zone. This plan has swallowed up many areas later handed over to investors.

Despite claims of planning and development, the state aims to displace the poor from any prime areas in favor of significant contractors and large companies, allowing the rich to become richer while the poor become poorer as if the severe rise in prices is not enough to increase the residents’ misery.
The displacement in Port Said is a scenario that repeated in August 2022, when Sisi’s armored vehicles and heavily armed security forces displaced residents, evicted them from their homes, and arrested dozens of them. This scenario is similar to the systematic killing and destruction of homes by Israeli occupation forces. The solution is resistance, as the people of Gaza do. According to the law, the rightful ownership of the land did not help the residents of the suburb and Warraq. Displacement is a crime, and solidarity with our people in Jamil is solidarity with ourselves. The ruthless regime will not let anyone escape its clutches until it sells everything to overcome the economic crisis it created with its haphazard decisions.

The Revolutionary Socialists Movement extends its condolences to the family of the deceased, Abdel Fattah Shabrawi, and demands that those responsible for his death be held accountable. It calls on lawyers in Port Said to defend his rights. His presence in the area, whether for a reason or not, does not justify demolishing the building over his head.

The movement reiterates its solidarity with the residents of the Jamil area in Port Said and calls on all forces in Port Said specifically, and in the rest of Egypt’s governorates in general, to show solidarity in all possible forms.

Glory to the martyr of Jamil Suburb… No to displacement and exclusion of the area’s residents.