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Yes, to the Rafah Crossing: No to the Isolation and Subjugation of Gaza!

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists and Allies

At a time when the Palestinian resistance is showing historic resilience beyond any expectations,
At a time when the Palestinian cause is garnering unprecedented global support, exposing the lies and fabrications of the Zionist narrative to the peoples of the world, and at a time when the internal front of the Zionist entity is cracking and dividing.

At this time, the annihilation of civilians by bombing, hunger, thirst, and disease is a painful pressure weapon for the people of Gaza and for the steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance itself.
Egypt has the means and the responsibility to provide a lifeline to Gaza in its time of need. Therefore, the main demand of the Egyptians, including the signatories of this statement, has been and still is to open the Rafah crossing under the umbrella of Egyptian will, international law, and UN relief organizations, far from the occupation that aims to impose a lethal siege on our people, as clearly stated by its Defense Minister: “No electricity… No fuel… No water… No food…” and, of course, no medical supplies or medicine either.

Based on this, the entities and individuals signing this statement denounce and firmly reject what is being circulated in the media that a proposal is being studied between Egypt and the European Union to close the Rafah crossing (the only crossing between us and the Gaza Strip) and replace it with the Kerem Shalom crossing (between us and the occupied Palestine controlled by the occupation entity) and the Erez crossing (between the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestine). The President himself refuted claims that Rafah crossing couldn’t handle aid shipments, confirming that Egypt used to send 600 trucks daily to Gaza before the latest aggression. The Egyptian government has repeatedly confirmed that what hinders the entry of aid through the crossing is the Zionist entity, and there is no evidence to support the claim that the crossing is incapable of sufficiently bringing in aid, nor is there anything preventing its expansion.

As for the proposal to bring American wheat aid to the Israeli port of Ashdod and then to Gaza through the Erez crossing in the northern sector — a crossing entirely under the control of the Zionist entity — this proposal is simply not worthy of consideration because the “aid” from America in the form of bombs and missiles is already raining down on Gaza every day.

The Rafah crossing has always been the only crossing not under the direct control of the occupation. Thus, it has been the main lifeline to break the siege on Gaza whenever the Zionist entity renews its aggression against it. Closing Rafah would sever the only lifeline for two million Gazans.
Closing the Rafah crossing, along with building the barrier between the Gaza Strip and Egyptian Sinai, which is currently underway, facilitates the occupation’s control over the Salah al-Din axis (or the Philadelphi Corridor), which the Zionist enemy has repeatedly announced its intention to occupy. This would give the enemy a strong-armed presence on our very border, a direct threat to Egypt’s national security. This is an enemy who flagrantly violates international law and commits crimes against humanity daily.

For all the above reasons, we demand the complete rejection of the proposal to close the Rafah crossing. Instead, we call for the opening of the Rafah crossing and the flow of aid through it in the quantities needed by our people in Gaza. We also call for the opening of any other possible crossings under the umbrella of UN relief organizations, as Gaza needs more than 1,000 trucks of aid daily to break the siege imposed by the occupation authority: the siege of hunger, thirst, and killing.
Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people.

• The Popular Committee for Solidarity with the Palestinian People
• The Socialist Popular Alliance Party
• The Egyptian Socialist Party
• The Constitution Party
• The Egyptian Communist Party
• The Nasserist Arab Democratic Party
• The Bread and Freedom Party
• The Dignity Party
• The Conservative Party
• The Revolutionary Socialists Movement
• The Egyptian Campaign for Boycotting Israel (BDS Egypt)
• Egyptian Journalists
• The Conscience of the World Convoy
• The Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence
• The Egyptian Women’s Issues Foundation