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Yemen, may your strength endure!

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

After America opened its weapon stores to supply the Israeli enemy with all the missiles and bombs it needed to strike the homes, schools, and hospitals of Gaza, carrying out a criminal genocide war, the United States, followed by Britain, began to intervene directly by bombing cities and provinces of Yemen and the capital, Sana’a.

From the very first moment after the heroic Palestinian resistance operation on October 7th, the United States sent submarines, warships, and aircraft carriers to the region to aid and protect Israel after the entire West realized that Israel’s existence was threatened and that despite all the Western military, technological, and political support, it was unable to protect itself. They rushed to the region to prevent other resistance forces from intervening, thus giving the enemy the chance and space to annihilate Gaza.

Among the forces that refused to remain silent in the face of this Zionist massacre was Yemen, that heroic popular resistance that intervened and began striking Israeli ships in the Bab al-Mandab Strait in the Red Sea initially. When the criminal war on Gaza did not stop, Yemen escalated its position to target all ships heading to the enemy’s ports in occupied Palestine.

These heroic operations turned the port of Eilat into a wreck, with no ships entering or goods leaving, significantly impacting the enemy’s commercial and military supply lines. Consequently, American aircraft intervened to bomb the capital, Sana’a, which had already been devastated by Saudi airstrikes over ten years.

The American-British aggression on Yemen proves to us, for the millionth time, that the Zionist entity is a project to protect the interests of global capitalist powers led by America, Britain, Germany, and France. If Western countries support this entity with all their might, then we must stand by the Palestinian resistance with everything we have, for it is a project for all our liberation.
What the Yemeni resistance has done shows us the sources of our strength that can hurt the enemy and its supporters. Our strength lies in stopping trade with this enemy; no Israeli ship should dock in the region’s ports.

Today, we saw millions of Yemenis take to the streets in Sana’a to support the resistance stance there. The solution is in our hands, and we cannot support Gaza unless all our capitals become like Sana’a, with millions declaring their support for the resistance stance, removing from the path of liberation all the region’s rulers complicit with the occupation.

We, in the Revolutionary Socialists Movement, stand by the popular resistance in Yemen, Lebanon, and Palestine. We support the resistance against the American-Israeli enemy unconditionally.
Long live the armed popular resistance in Yemen, Lebanon, and Palestine.