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Three Months of ongoing Genocide. Our answer: organize!

Over 20.000 Palestinians have been killed in the Zionist state’s bombardment of Gaza in the last three months. Despite the ongoing genocide, the German federal government is still holding onto the narrative that the Palestinian resistance to ethnic cleansing and settler colonialism is at fault for the Palestinian’s plight. 

Yesterday, German foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock once again stated that “the terror of Hamas” has brought unimaginable plight to Israel and Gaza. And that for there to be peace, everyone must “see the plight of the other”. She went on to once again resurrect the dead from the start so-called two-state solution: “we must leave no stone unturned on the path to a two-state solution”. At first glance this may appear to be a grotesque ignorance about 75 years of Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the continuous bombardment of Gaza which has not only seen 4% of the whole Gazan population either murdered, missing or injured, but also 109 journalists killed and 70% of the infrastructure in Gaza destroyed. 

Yet this is something the German government knows very well. It does not turn a blind eye because of “German guilt” or out of any moralized reasons it feigns about “caring about Jewish life”. In fact, the German government is complicit in genocide because it is lucrative and serves Western imperialist interests, as Israel serves as the “watchdog” of Western interests in the region.

While German arms exports to Israel encompassed 32 million Euros in 2022, in 2023 this figure rose to 303 million Euros. The German government has even gone so far as to demand that the German military should be able to give weapons to Israel for free.

As the Zionist state extends its plans to ethnically cleanse all of Gaza, with plans to resettle those Gazans who are not bombed to death to Chad or Rwanda, it is also cooperating with Egypt to quench the steadfast Palestinian resistance movement. 

On Sunday it was reported that Zionist state has requested that sensors be installed on the Egyptian border with Gaza to “prevent Hamas from digging tunnels from which it would be able to smuggle weapons into the Strip and which may be used by Hamas leaders to escape capture amid the Israeli ground offensive.”

The Egyptian military dictatorship which is trying to secure its position once again as a trustworthy mediator, will most likely oblige to some form of deal in this regard.

For us as Revolutionary Socialists we cannot and will not put our hopes in state leaders or diplomats if from Egypt to Germany or elsewhere to help bring about the liberation of Palestine. The liberation of Palestine will be achieved by the steadfast Palestinian resistance together with the revolutionary uprising of the masses of workers in the region, from Egypt to Syria to Palestine. The focus of those mobilizing in the hearts of imperialist nations like Germany must be to recognize that the “main enemy is at home” as the revolutionary Karl Liebknecht formulated it. Hence, pro-Palestine activists in Germany must struggle to stop the military and political support of “their ruling class” for Israel. Because the weakening of imperialism in Germany is a weakening of imperialism in occupied Palestine and elsewhere. It is our duty now to organize.