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Ongoing Genocide: 100 Days of Israeli Bombardment of Gaza

Today marks 100 days of the relentless Israeli bombing of Gaza.

Last Thursday the imperialist states USA and the United Kingdom bombed multiple sites in Yemen. The US and United Kingdom said that this came as a retaliation to the Houthis’ actions in the Red Sea. The Houthis, out of practical solidarity with Palestine and the people of Gaza, had blocked ship traffic with connections to Israel in the Red Sea. 

As a result, the Tesla factory in Grünheide near Berlin had largely stopped production due to the resulting gap in the supply chain. Additionally Volvo in Belgium has suspended some production in Europe due to supply chain shortages caused by the Houthi’s actions in the Red Sea.

Ansar Allah, the formal name of the Houthis, control key areas of the country while fighting a war since 2014 against the internationally recognized government of Yemen and its Saudi allies. 

The German federal government, which has been supplying Saudi Arabia with weapons for several years that are used to bomb Houthi areas in Yemen, described the imperialist attack by the USA and the UK as a “right of self-defense” in a joint statement. Just last week the German federal government under Social Democrat (SPD), Green (Grüne) and Liberal (FDP) leadership agreed to deliver further weapons to Saudi Arabia.

This comes in the same week that Germany has once again clearly sided with Israel in the genocide proceedings brought in my South Africa in front of the Internantional Court of Justice against Israel in light of the ongoing slaughter in the Gaza Strip. 

While the court proceedings are ongoing, the German government already decided that it knows better than the International Court of Justice and declared that Israel is not committing genocide: “We know that different countries assess Israel’s operation in the Gaza Strip differently. The federal government firmly and expressly rejects the accusation of genocide that has now been made against Israel at the International Court of Justice. […] “This accusation has no basis whatsoever.” The German federal government furthermore said that it intends to intervene as a third party in the main hearing. 

At the same time the German government stayed silent last week on 120 years since the beginning of the first genocide committed in the 20th century, by Germany against the Nama and Herero in Namibia. The president of Namibia  Hage Geingob was quick to reply to Germany’s silence on the genocide it committed in Namibia and its support for genocide in Gaza, stating that Germany has no moral high ground to defend ”the genocidal and gruesome acts of the Israeli Government against innocent civilians in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories”.

And further: ”On Namibian soil, Germany committed the first genocide of the 20th century in 1904-1908, in which tens of thousands of innocent Namibians died in the most inhumane and brutal conditions.”

Although Germany has acknowledged the genocide against the Nama and Herero in 2021, where between 24,000 and 100,000 Hereros and 10,000 Nama were murdered, the German government refused to accept responsibility for reparations. As Israel has now murdered more than 23,000 people in Gaza in the last 100 days, Germany, once again, is on the wrong side of history.