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Fascists draw out masterplan to deport millions from Germany

On January 10th, research by the reporter collective “Correctiv” showed that a secret meeting took place near Potsdam in the East German state of Brandenburg in November 2023.

Among the two dozen gathered are members of parliament, lawyers, entrepreneurs, doctors. Members of the fascist party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), members of the Christian Democrats (CDU), members of the Union of Values (Werte Union) and the co-founder of the fascist Identitarian Movement of Austria, Martin Sellner, as keynote speaker, met to discuss a fascist “remigration plan”: the deportation of 20 million people to North Africa. All those, who the fascists do not define as Germans, regardless of whether they have German citizenship or not. The overall concept represents a “master plan”, whereby the “biggest problem”, the fascists at the meeting draw out, are those people in Germany who are not “pure Aryan Germans” but have a German passport.

Sellner explains that the people to be expelled should also have the opportunity for “education and sport” in North Africa after their deportation. In order to make this happen, the fascists, who met in the dining room of a country hotel near Potsdam, want to adapt laws to make life as “unattractive” as possible for these people. This could be “implemented very easily,” said the parliamentary group leader of the AfD in Saxony-Anhalt at the meeting with a view to the coming elections. According to election polls, the AfD is the strongest force in Saxony-Anhalt, where they receive 33% in election polls.

Only about 8 kilometers from the site of the Wannsee Conference, where the extermination of European Jews was planned, Sellner’s “master plan” is reminiscent of the Nazis’ Madagascar plan of 1940, which proposed the deportation of 4 million Jews to Madagascar. The changes to the law are reminiscent of the Nazis’ “Nuremberg Race Laws” and the “unattractiveness of life” and the terror of the SA and SS.

Since its founding in 2013, the AfD has been radicalizing further and further to the right. In recent years, the national conservatives have been displaced in both leadership and regional divisions by the openly fascist wing of Björn Höcke.

In recent months, racism in Germany has also been fueled by the government parties and the CDU. When Olaf Scholz says “We have to deport on a large scale” or Christian Lindner tries to play farmers off against refugees and the unemployed, then they are providing fertile ground for the AfD. The Socialdemocrat (SPD), Greens (Grünen) and Liberal (FDP) coalition government’s racist measures, including the threat of expulsions against the Palestine solidarity movement, are also in the same vein. But although the government contributes to the success of the fascist AfD, they are not nearly as dangerous as the AfD. We need broad united front alliances to fight fascism, including with the base of parties and organizations whose leadership we are hostile to.

It must now be the task of revolutionary socialists to take to the streets across Germany against fascism and to combine this with the Palestine solidarity movement.

For over three months, the Palestine solidarity movement in Germany has been criminalized like never before. The AfD not only welcomes this, but also calls for further steps. This month, for example, the AfD introduced a motion in the Berlin House of Representatives calling for a nationwide stop to accepting Palestinian refugees. The AfD supports the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip, which murdered more than 25,000 Palestinians, and calls for more deportations of Muslims and Palestinians.

Taking a stand against the criminalization and repression of the Palestine solidarity movement in Germany as well as the ongoing genocide in Gaza supported by the German federal government means standing up consistently against the positions of the AfD.
That is why, in this regard, revolutionary socialists must draw attention to the hypocrisy of the leadership of the bourgeois parties, whether the SPD, the Greens, the FDP, the CDU or the reformist Left Party, who on October 12th all voted in Parliament with the AfD for unconditional solidarity with zionist-racist settler colonialism and more deportations.

Socialist propaganda plays a central role in this, because one must make it clear through ones flyers, brochures, newspapers, speeches and one-on-one conversations that there is only one solution, as Rosa Luxemburg explained, either “socialism or barbarism”.

The ruling bourgeois parties, although not as dangerous as fascism, are the ones that provide fertile ground for the fascist AfD. When Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently spoke about the need to deport on a “large scale” or when the ruling parties made deportations easier just a few days ago or have been fueling a smear campaign against Palestinians, against Muslims and against Arabs and banning peaceful demonstrations for months, then the ruling parties are opening the door to the fascism of the AfD.

The danger of fascism is imminent and the fascists’ “master plan” means one thing: reign of terror, concentration camps and the absolute destruction of all opposition.

We should not make the same mistake as the communists in Germany in the 1920s and claim through a “social fascism thesis” that social democracy represents only the “left wing of fascism”. Because of such misguided policies, the Nazis were able to crush, murder, and deport the communists and socialists individually to concentration camps in the 1930s. Had the stalinist “social fascism thesis” perhaps not been propagated and had the social democrats and communists fought together against the fascists, they might have been able to defeat them.

The leadership of the social democrats offers fertile ground for fascism but that is precisely why it must be our task to take to the streets with the base of the social democrats, to set up broad united front alliances and to confront and expose the contradictions and hypocrisy as well as pseudo-antiracism of leadership of the SPD, Greens etc. Because we revolutionary socialists are marginal, our strength is limited. We do not have the luxury of withdrawing and saying in an ultra-left manner that we do not want to go to the streets with “social fascists” from the SPD. The leadership is not our ally, but the rank and file are those we want to win over to our fight to smash fascism.