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The Global Strike in Solidarity with Gaza: A Step Forward that Must Be Escalated

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

From the West Bank to Beirut, Amman, Brussels, New York, and many other cities and capitals around the world, countless thousands of supporters responded on Monday to calls for a global strike in solidarity with Gaza in its heroic resistance against the criminal Zionist war that has so far claimed the lives of more than 18,000 Palestinians and injured over 45,000 others.

Shops man,y institutions, and industrial and service sectors closed their doors in another unprecedented day of global solidarity with Palestine. For 66 days since the Zionist entity declared its barbaric war, the solidarity movement, which has involved millions worldwide, mainly against the will of their governments, especially in European countries and the United States, has not ceased. These governments support the Israeli occupation with arms, funding, and diplomatic cover to continue the genocide in Gaza.

Monday’s strike calls coincided with the United States and Britain thwarting a UN Security Council draft resolution obligating Israel to stop the war on Gaza. The blood of Palestinians has exposed this council and similar international institutions as nothing more than puppets in the hands of major imperialist powers that support Zionism with all they have.

The blood of Palestinians, shed around the clock for more than two months, has awakened the spirit of solidarity in the hearts of the world’s free people. The Palestinian cause has indeed become a revolutionary factor for the world’s peoples, restoring the value of solidarity struggle globally. It has also become one of the most significant features of opposition to the global system with its capitalist and imperialist nature. This blood draws a dividing line between Palestine’s allies—the workers, the poor, the oppressed, and minorities worldwide—and its enemies, the ruling regimes and major corporations, especially arms companies and even social media companies that strive to silence supporters by banning content supporting Gaza and Palestine.

Yesterday’s strike was an inspiring model of solidarity and an essential milestone in the push to stop the war. Such a strike could turn into a seismic shift in global politics, delivering a solid blow to the Zionist entity and its allies if the working classes intervene with their tremendous economic weight in the industrial and service sectors worldwide, paralyzing the production wheel that generates profits for the ruling classes supporting the Zionist entity globally.

The Revolutionary Socialists, while saluting the free people of the world who participated in yesterday’s strike and who have risen since the war began to support the Palestinians, extend their hands to them to continue and escalate solidarity campaigns everywhere. They also call for advancing solidarity campaigns within Egypt.

The solidarity movement with Palestine in Egypt declined after the peak it reached at the beginning of the war due to the repression of the dictatorial regime in Egypt, its closure of the public sphere, and its intensification of security presence. This intimidation by the regime towards anyone seeking to show solidarity with Palestine, fearing that the solidarity movement might turn into a movement against it, coincides with its keenness to maintain its relations with the Zionist entity and its blatant submission to the Zionists’ conditions and dictates regarding the entry of aid through the Rafah crossing, even inspecting it before it enters.

We will not be silent about supporting the people of Gaza and the valiant Palestinian resistance, nor will we stop fighting against the regime’s repression. We cannot succumb to the regime’s stranglehold on Egyptian widespread solidarity. We call for the continuation and escalation of the solidarity movement. We also repeat the call for all supporters to form committees and associations in schools, universities, neighborhoods, unions, and other places to organize, coordinate, sustain, and seek to escalate the solidarity movement.