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Statement: Freedom for Palestine!

We are documenting a statement “Freedom for Palestine” from the 5th of December that the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists also signed:

Freedom for Palestine, democracy for Germany!

The parties, organizations, groups and individuals signing here have decided the following statement despite different political orientations and concrete assessments. The current political situation urgently requires us to call for an immediate ceasefire and to stop the killings in Palestine.

We also protest against the current reactionary developments in the Federal Republic of Germany. The German government and a significant part of the media are promoting a racist, repressive and authoritarian climate in which massive anti-democratic measures are implemented.
Now it’s up to all of us: it’s about nothing less than our basic rights.

We demand an immediate ceasefire as well as the immediate lifting of the blockade on Gaza.
A ceasefire must not mean a return to the colonial agenda of harassment, annexation and apartheid. That’s why we’re fighting for an end to the occupation of Palestine!

We condemn the financial, military, political and moral support for Israel.
Make the Federal Republic of Germany stop supporting war crimes immediately!
The war on Gaza is a genocide.

The blockage of any supply of energy, water and medication to Gaza, the destruction of humanitarian and vital infrastructure such as hospitals, is deliberately targeting the civilian population and aiming to their mass destruction.
In view of this situation, international law (UN Genocide Convention of 1948) and the statements of the former Director of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Craig Mokhiber “no room for doubt”.

The war against Gaza is not a war between two states, but between occupiers and occupied.
We refuse to equate and de-historicize the violence of the occupier with the violent resistance of the occupied.

We condemn the repression against the Palestine solidarity movement by the German state and reject its defamation as “anti-Semitic”.
We denounce the inhumane and racist intimidation and repressive measures aimed at tightening and undermining the right to asylum, including (threats of) expulsion and deportation of activists, the blocking of immigration and residence processes, and the scandalous discourse about revoking the citizenship of binationals.

We object to equating Israel with Jewish people.

We reject the undemocratic construction of a “reason of state” that forces on us “an unconditional solidarity” with war crimes.

We reject the criminalization of any resistance to the occupation, both at the international and European levels, especially in Germany.
The criminalization of Palestinian resistance promotes anti-Muslim racism and suppresses the discourse on peace solutions by constructing sham debates and scapegoats.

We condemn the general racist suspicion against migrant and Muslim parts of the population. We will not let ourselves be divided.

We reject the massive restrictions on our basic democratic rights, especially freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association, and call on everyone to speak out against these attacks.

Frankfurt, 05/12/2023