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German weapons manufacturer delivers war ships to Egypt

On December 15, the German weapons manufacturer Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems handed over a warship, a frigate, to the Egyptian navy in Bremerhaven in northern Germany.

The “Al-Qadeer” is the third of four warships that the company is delivering to the Egyptian navy. The three warships have been delivered to the Egyptian Navy in just 14 months. The “Al-Qadeer” frigate will leave for Alexandria in the coming days. Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems has said that the fourth frigate will be completed in close cooperation with Alexandria Shipyard’s TKMS.

Vice Admiral Ashraf Ibrahim Atwa, Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Navy said that “these repeated occasions are proof of the good cooperation and friendship between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Federal Republic of Germany.”

Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is the same company that provides Israel with submarines of the “Dakar Class”. The submarines cost up to three billion Euros.

As the genocide in Gaza continues, weapons manufacturers see a chance for lucrative business. Hence the genocide in Gaza has emboldened the German state’s interests in more profits in the arms sector. 2023 saw a tenfold increase in arms exports to Israel from Germany. While German arms exports to Israel encompassed 32 million Euros in 2022, in 2023 this figure rose to 303 million Euros. The German government has even gone so far as to demand that the German military should be able to give weapons to Israel for free.

But the German weapons industry is not just ramping up its profits through genocide in Gaza, but also through the ongoing war in Ukraine. Last month German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock announced that Germany will continue to provide Ukraine with weapons. There is talk of up to eight billion euros worth of weapons being delivered from Germany to Ukraine in 2024.

As the imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan showed us, as well as the imperialist war in Vietnam and elsewhere before them, war is a lucrative business. Hence, Baerbock’s rejection of a ceasefire in Gaza must be seen in this context. German capital is reaping its profits from genocide in Gaza. With each Palestinian murdered, the Israeli army will need to buy more weapons, which German weapons manufacturers are more than happy to provide.