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Boycott the Presidential Elections

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

The presidential election voting process is scheduled to start tomorrow, Friday, outside Egypt and will continue for three days. Voting inside Egypt will begin on December 10th. The upcoming elections coincide with regional circumstances that have drawn both local and global attention to the ongoing events in Palestine since the war of October 7th, eclipsing any interest in Egypt’s presidential elections. This is especially true since the elections have been rendered a hollow exercise aimed only at inaugurating a new term for the dictator.

After passing constitutional amendments that allow Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to run for a new presidential term by circumventing the 2014 constitution, which was drafted by the ruling authority itself, the regime has further neutralized the Egyptian opposition in what it calls the “national dialogue” to paint a false democratic picture. As expected, the dialogue sessions and their subcommittees have only resulted in wasting time, with continued policies of repression and silencing voices on the one hand and deliberate impoverishment through the continuation of neoliberal policies on the other. This has led to a spiraling economic crisis and unprecedented inflation and poverty rates.

Undeterred by the regime’s tactics, the authorities have systematically dismantled any space for dissent gained by the campaign of candidate Ahmed Tantawi through the battle of endorsements, using intimidation and even arresting dozens of campaign members. All this only indicates that we are not heading towards presidential elections but rather a staged coronation after the regime has chosen several candidates to complete its farcical play.

Our position in the Revolutionary Socialists Movement is to boycott these elections and expose the regime’s desperate attempt to stage another theatrical performance.

The movement calls on all opposition forces to start a genuine dialogue amongst themselves and to forge a united front against this regime, which has turned the lives of millions in Egypt into a daily nightmare. The movement also emphasizes that boycotting the presidential elections does not mean surrendering to the dictator’s rule as an inevitable fate. On the contrary, the presidential elections are taking place amid the Palestinian people’s inspiring steadfastness and heroic resistance. This hope in resistance is what we must draw strength from for change. We call on the masses of workers, students, and others to engage in all possible organizational and union forms to prepare for future movements for change without a doubt. We, in the Revolutionary Socialists Movement, urge workers, women, and university students to reject being mobilized to legitimize the dictator’s rule.

Let us organize ourselves and boycott.