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The Trial of Tantawi: A lesson for those who stray from the prescribed path

The Revolutionary Socialists issued the following statement on 13 November 2023.

The Egyptian regime seizes every available opportunity to assert its dominance, confirming to its adversaries that the future will only reflect the past. It further reinforces the idea that engaging in discussions about policy changes in the years ahead is nothing but an illusion in the minds of the opposition – not to mention abandoning its promises, whether made in conferences, speeches, or agreements with other parties or candidates. The message is clear to the public and the opposition alike: anyone who strays from the prescribed path will be crushed.

As the Tantawi campaign outperformed others during the run up to the presidential elections, both in terms of participation and public support, it faced the most repressions throughout the various stages of the election process. And although it was on the verge of becoming a nucleus for a critical bloc when it announced its transformation into a movement uniting all the different factions rejecting the continuation of this regime, the stability of its leadership did not prevent the campaign from embodying the ultimate departure from the prescribed path. Hence, Tantawi and 21 campaign members were quickly tried on charges of “forging authorizations”, in addition to dozens others facing other allegations.

The Revolutionary Socialists express their solidarity with Tantawi and his campaign, urging the opposition to declare its solidarity and support in all possible ways.

The regime could not tolerate any attempts made to reach out to the public, even with the bare minimum of participating in predetermined presidential elections. The regime could not bear that the public finds a glimmer of hope for a better future. Consequently, standing in solidarity with Tantawi in his endeavor to establish a party and in his struggle in facing trial is a commitment to the minimum level of political engagement, preserving the freedom to communicate with the public without threat, defamation, or suppression.

The Revolutionary Socialists, November 13, 2023