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Tantawi’s Trial: Punishing the Path of Dissent

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

The regime seizes every opportunity to demonstrate its oppression, using all means available to assert that the future will mirror the past. Any talk of changing policies in the coming years is nothing but an illusion in the minds of its proponents. This message is underscored by the regime’s contempt for its promises, whether made in conferences and speeches or through agreements with parties and candidates. The message to the people and the opposition is clear: anyone who deviates from the path will be suppressed.
Tantawi’s most serious campaign regarding participant numbers and citizen support has also faced the most severe repression throughout the election process and beyond. Although the campaign was on the verge of becoming a critical mass movement when it was announced that it would transform into a movement gathering all those opposed to the regime, the organizers’ decision to turn it into a political party did not prevent it from being the ultimate expression of deviation from the path. Consequently, the response was decisive: Tantawi and 21 of his campaign members were prosecuted on charges of “fabricating nomination signatures,” alongside dozens of others facing different charges.
The Revolutionary Socialists movement affirms its solidarity with Tantawi and his campaign, calling the opposition to declare their support and assistance by all means.
The regime could not tolerate any opposition engaging with the public, even minimally, through a presidential election with a predetermined outcome. It could not bear the possibility of citizens finding some hope for a better future. Therefore, solidarity with Tantawi in his endeavor to establish a party and in his trial is a commitment to the minimum of political engagement—freedom to communicate with citizens without threat, treason accusations, or repression.