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OPEN THE RAFAH CROSSING PROTEST – Call on the Egyptian government to open Gaza’s lifeline

In response to the urgent international call by the people of Gaza for a ceasefire and the opening of the Rafah Border Crossing, join us in urging the Egyptian government to immediately, permanently and unconditionally open the Egyptian-Palestinian Rafah Crossing. Currently this is the only available route into and out of Gaza not entirely controlled by the israeli occupation. We are further demanding that the World Conscience Convoy entering Gaza through Sinai not be obstructed as it heads for the Crossing to break the siege, deliver life-saving humanitarian aid and call for a ceasefire.

The people of Gaza are facing genocide under relentless bombardement by the israeli occupation which has also cut off water, food, fuel, electricity and medical supplies. The Egyptian government has only ever opened the Rafah Crossing under unattainable bureaucratic conditions, including those imposed by the israeli occupation and its allies, resulting in meagre aid entering and more Palestinian deaths and suffering. The World Conscience Convoy – led by the Egyptian Syndicate of Journalists – has called for direct action from international journalists, activists, public figures and relief organisations. We stand in solidarity with the Convoy, call for them to be allowed through, and for the Rafah Crossing – Gaza’s lifeline – to be open UNCONDITIONALLY.

We protest to say #OpenRafahCrossing #BreakTheSiege and #CeasefireNOW. We also echo the chant ‘no to Naqab Desert, no to Sinai’ – we firmly stand against israeli colonial expansion and the forced displacement of Palestinians.

WHEN: Monday 13 November, 5:00 pm

WHERE: Egyptian Embassy in London 26 South Street, London W1K 1DW (not to be confused with the Egyptian Consulate)

Bring flags and banners/placards with the following messages:
‘Open Rafah Crossing’
‎ ‘افتحوا المعبر’
‎’كسر الحصار مطلب شعبي’
‘Ceasefire now’

We encourage participants to wear facemasks with the messages above

Please share widely on Signal, WhatsApp and Telegram (not on social media) – we invite ALL, Egyptians and non-Egyptians, to join us in response to this international call

Know your rights before joining protests: