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Gaza Deals a Blow to the Occupation: Victory for Palestinian Resistance

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

This morning, Friday, the agreed ceasefire in Gaza commenced, stipulating a cessation of combat for four days, during which 50 Israeli prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance will be exchanged for the release of 150 Palestinian women and children in Israeli prisons. Concurrently, relief aid will be allowed into the besieged Gaza Strip.

It was not the pleas of Arab countries or the so-called international community that pushed the Zionist entity to this ceasefire, but rather its failure to achieve its declared objectives, in addition to the heavy losses it has incurred on the battlefield. After 47 days of barbaric bombing, widespread destruction, and large-scale killing, and 28 days of a brutal ground invasion, the Israeli army was unable to eliminate the Palestinian resistance forces led by Hamas, nor even weaken their military capabilities. The ongoing resistance in the fierce battles fought until yesterday is the most apparent evidence of this resilience.

The Zionist enemy also failed to free its captives, who remain undetected, retrieving only a few through a prisoner exchange deal despite previously refusing to release any prisoners.
In response to its military failures, the Zionist enemy has resorted to cowardly genocide against the people of Gaza, killing more than 15,000, including at least 5,500 children. Despite the daily massacres committed by the Israeli army, it has not succeeded in turning the Palestinian people against their resistance forces, which remain inseparable from the populace. What the Zionist enemy envisioned as a swift victory now threatens to spiral beyond its control, with Hezbollah bombarding the northern occupied territories and repeated attacks from the Houthis.

The Palestinian resistance has humiliated the Zionist entity by forcing it into a ceasefire. All their mighty military and intelligence capabilities, among the most formidable in the world, have failed in the face of the legendary steadfastness of the people of Gaza and its resistance factions, who continue to teach the free people of the world the true meaning of heroism.

In stark contrast to this stubborn resistance, the Egyptian regime shows nothing but humiliation and submission towards the Zionist enemy. The Egyptian regime, which dared not disrupt its relationship with the Zionist enemy even by minimal gestures such as suspending economic relations or expelling the Israeli ambassador, proposes through Sisi in his conference today that the solution to the Palestinian issue lies in recognizing a “demilitarized Palestinian state,” with “security guarantees” through the deployment of Arab or United Nations forces. This is a blatant call to disarm the Palestinian resistance, a proposal fit only for a servile lackey of the Zionist entity’s strategic interests. But it is no surprise from a regime that shamelessly complies with Zionist orders by limiting aid entering the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing, excluding fuel for extended periods, and submitting to Zionist conditions by having relief convoys inspected by Zionists before entering the Strip.
The Palestinian resistance will use the ceasefire to regroup in preparation for future confrontations. However, this victory, which the Zionist allies in the region seek to undermine by disarming the resistance, is a step towards a more significant triumph requiring unprecedented global solidarity. This solidarity is already resonating in world capitals, pressuring governments to cease their support and backing of the Zionist entity.

In Egypt, where the Sisi regime, with all its disgrace and flaws, does not represent its people who stand in solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinians, the Revolutionary Socialists movement calls for the continuation of boycott campaigns and the formation of committees and associations to support the Palestinian cause in schools, universities, and elsewhere to organize and sustain the solidarity movement.