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Four Day Truce is not Enough!

Today marks the last day of the four day truce between the Israeli regime and Hamas. 

The truce, which started on Friday has allowed for the delivery of food, water, fuel and medicine to enter Gaza. 

Yet the launch of the Global Conscience Convoy, which was called into action by the Egyptian Journalist Syndicate and scheduled to leave Cairo last Friday for Gaza, has been indefinitely postponed. Until now the initiative remains hampered by Egyptian authorities and the status of the convoy is uncertain. 

Egyptian military dictator has used the four day truce to instigate himself as a supporter of the Palestinian cause. During the “Long Live Egypt-To Support Palestinians” mega event held in Cairo, Sisi declared that over 500 trucks will head to Gaza to deliver much needed aid. The Egyptian regime, which did not try to open the Rafah border in the last 48 days when Gaza was being bombed by Israel and over 14,000 Palestinians were slaughtered, is now using the four day truce for a PR-stunt to further quell dissent. 

However, Egypt must open the border permanently for all aid to go into Gaza, not just for four days. The Rafah border must be opened permanently.

Previously, the Egyptian regime had even allowed for pro-Palestine demonstrations to take place in mid October, hoping to control dissent against the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinains to not overflow into dissent towards the Egyptian regime, which has been working closely with the Zionist entity for years. When protests stormed Tahrir Square on October 21st, the regime responded by arresting hundreds, after which no more protests were permitted. 

A month after German chancellor Olaf Scholz visited Egypt and expressed his unconditional support for the Zionist entity, he declared his opposition to an immediate ceasefire as this would give Hamas “too much time for recovery”.

Simultaneously the German state has continued its repressions against solidarity with the Palestinian cause within Germany: from raiding homes of alleged supporters of Hamas and Samidoun and to criminalizing calls for equality from “the River to the Sea” as chants in support of “terrorism”. What remains certain despite the heavy state repressions, is that although an immediate ceasefire is necessary, it is not enough. For the ongoing death, ethnic cleansing, settler colonialism, apartheid and land theft to end, the very system that enshrines these mechanisms must be disposed of. If the last weeks have proven anything, it is that the “two state solution” is forever dead. A democratic state that incompasses all of historic Palestine, where all can live regardless of their religion or ethnic affiliation, with the condition of the right of return of Palestinian refugees, is what we must struggle for.