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A Month of the Al-Aqsa Flood: Long Live Palestinian Resistance

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

As the war on Gaza enters its second month since the start of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, the Palestinian people remain steadfast in the face of genocidal crimes. Despite the fall of more than 10,000 martyrs, the injury of 27,000 others, and the internal displacement of 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza, as well as the immense destruction and suffocating siege aimed at breaking the will of a people who neither yield nor surrender. This is in addition to the martyrs of the West Bank, who have exceeded 160 since October 7th due to continuous Zionist attacks, especially on the Jenin camp.

Despite its military might, the Zionist enemy has so far failed, first, in its plan to displace and uproot Palestinians from their land, which they refuse to leave, preferring to die on it. Second, in turning the people of Gaza against the resistance, as the resistance cannot be separated from this steadfast people and lives in the heart of every Palestinian. Third, a severe ground breach of the Strip was achieved despite repeated attempts. Fourth, it has even failed to weaken the resistance’s capabilities, as the shelling of cities and settlements in the occupied interior continues, along with occasional incursions into the enemy’s military bases around Gaza.

As the Zionist enemy has failed to achieve these goals, it has increased its bombing of hospitals, schools, and residential buildings that shelter tens of thousands of Palestinians, all with direct military support from the United States and under a Western media cover aimed at justifying Zionist crimes.

The war has revealed, and indeed confirmed, the hypocrisy of the United States and Western countries, which were recently crying over Ukrainian victims of the Russian invasion while now disregarding the thousands of Palestinian martyrs in support of the Zionist entity. The most robust response to this hypocrisy is the roaring solidarity demonstrations in capitals and cities around the world with the Palestinian people.

As for the Egyptian regime, despite its boasting of standing against the liquidation of the Palestinian cause and its constant shouting about national sovereignty, it remains submissive to the Zionist entity’s conditions by not allowing fuel, crucial for life and hospital operations, into Gaza through the Rafah crossing. Even the scarce medical supplies and relief that crossed from Egypt to Gaza did so only after passing through an Israeli checkpoint.

While countries such as Chile, Colombia, Chad, South Africa, and even Bahrain have withdrawn their ambassadors from the Zionist entity, the Egyptian regime remains incapable of taking even the most minor practical step like this to condemn Zionist crimes, keen not to upset its Zionist allies. It has not dared to sever its economic ties with the Zionist enemy or stop relying on gas imports from it.
A whole month of Zionist massacres has not been enough for the regime to abandon its humiliating stance towards the Zionist entity. At the same time, it has not hesitated to arrest demonstrators, close squares, and intensify security presence in universities to prevent any popular movements in support of Palestine and to silence those in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The greatest fear of the dictatorial regime in Egypt is that solidarity with Palestine will turn into a mass movement against it. We will not be silent in supporting Palestine, nor will we stop struggling against the repression of the regime. Solidarity with Palestine has reclaimed an inch of ground in favor of restoring the right to protest and demonstrate, and we call for the continuation of this solidarity by all means.

Long live the Palestinian resistance.. Long live the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.. Down with every traitor and submissive to the Zionist enemy.