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We Only Support Palestine and Mandate the Resistance… Let Us Form Committees and Associations Everywhere to Show Solidarity with the People of Palestine

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

Thousands of Egyptians took to the streets today to show their solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian people. They made their way from various streets and squares to Tahrir Square, where they were quickly dispersed by Sisi’s security forces and thugs, who clashed with the demonstrators and arrested dozens of them, in addition to breaking up protests in several other governorates.
These thousands came out in support of Palestine and to mandate the resistance, distinctly different from the mandate sought by Sisi, whose popularity has plummeted due to his repressive and impoverishing policies. Those who protested today reject not only the displacement to Sinai but also the displacement to the Negev, a suggestion Sisi made to his Zionist friends as a faithful advisor eager to maintain the “warm peace” between his regime and the Zionist entity.

Those we joined in chanting today slapped the dictatorial regime in the face and claimed a piece of ground for the right to protest and demonstrate away from the authority’s control. The repression they faced is the most unmistakable evidence of the regime’s vile hostility towards any solidarity with Palestine that does not show loyalty to it. The regime seeks to exploit this solidarity and the Palestinian cause as a whole to bolster its support.

The most significant way to support the Palestinian people is to stand in solidarity with them in defiance of this dictatorial regime, which remains powerless before its Zionist friends. This regime has actively participated in the hostility against the resistance and the siege of Gaza throughout its rule, severely restricting movement through the Rafah crossing, flooding and demolishing tunnels with seawater, and maintaining continuous security coordination with the Zionist enemy.

Today’s demonstrations are just the beginning of the journey in which Sisi stands as an obstacle. To continue solidarity with Palestine, the Revolutionary Socialists movement calls on everyone who protested today to form committees and associations in their universities, schools, and neighborhoods to organize and coordinate their efforts. This way, today’s enormous efforts will not be dispersed into the void after the repression we saw.