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We Have Not Mandated, and We Will Not Mandate

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

Just as We Rejected the Mandate in July 2013, We Reject the New Mandate Today

The years following the first mandate saw nothing but cramming prisons, impoverishment, drowning the country in debt, relinquishing Egyptian islands, being complicit with the Zionist enemy in the siege of Gaza, and displacing the people of Rafah, Egypt. The second mandate means nothing but more of the same.

As we rejected the first mandate, we reject the second mandate. We also reject the siege on the resistance and normalization with the Zionist enemy, and we certainly reject any attempt to displace the Palestinians.

Sisi is trying to hijack the solidarity movement with Palestine to rebuild his popularity, which he knows has collapsed due to his repressive and impoverishing policies that crushed the Egyptians. He aims to ensure that he does not bear any of the widespread anger for the crimes of the occupation, with whom he has cooperated hand in hand in the siege on Gaza throughout his years in power.
Sisi is not a friend of the Palestinian people, those who bravely stand their ground in Gaza, refusing to abandon it. He shamelessly suggests their displacement to the Negev to make it easier for the Zionist enemy to eliminate the Palestinian resistance.

Sisi’s request for this mandate is a call to hand over the people’s ability to protest to his repressive and dictatorial hand, which has long shaken hands with Netanyahu under the so-called “warm peace” that the dictator boasts of with the Zionist entity.
We will not mandate.