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The Submissive Regime to Israel Can Only Suppress Us

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

A week has passed since the Palestinian resistance launched its heroic operation. At the same time, the Zionist entity has gone mad with devastating bombings of the Gaza Strip, with explicit support from the United States, in an insistence on leveling the Strip to the ground and killing its inhabitants. The Palestinian people remain steadfast in the face of this brutal aggression, despite more than 1,900 martyrs falling so far, the destruction of homes and infrastructure, and the targeting of hospitals, and despite the catastrophic humanitarian crisis in the shadow of a complete cut-off of water, electricity, medicine, and food supplies.

In solidarity with the Palestinian people, numerous demonstrations took place in Egypt yesterday, Friday. The biggest obstacle to expanding the solidarity movement and pushing it forward is the iron-fisted rule with which Sisi has governed us since he came to power.

The Palestinian cause has long been significant in galvanizing the Egyptian people. The protests in solidarity with the Second Palestinian Intifada in late 2000 broke the political stagnation throughout the 1990s. Those demonstrations opened the horizon for many protests throughout the following decade, from opposing Mubarak’s dictatorship to developing student and labor movements to the Mahalla uprising, culminating in the January 2011 revolution.

Sisi recognizes the danger that widespread anger over the Zionist massacres could lead to things slipping out of his security grip. We see him seeking to calm the situation, trying to balance between the Palestinians and his allies in the Zionist entity, even sending a relief convoy loaded with food and medical supplies to Rafah. However, he failed to compel his Zionist friends not to bomb the crossing from the Palestinian side, so the convoy was turned back and unable to pass after the buffer zone between the Palestinian and Egyptian gates of the crossing was bombed three times last Tuesday. Now, the Egyptian regime closes the Rafah crossing with concrete walls, signaling to the Zionist entity that even the wounded and injured will not be transported to Egypt for treatment amid the collapse of the health system in Gaza.

Sisi’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is busy “warning of the humanitarian crisis.” Still, the regime does not dare even to direct this warning to Israel nor to take the slightest formal step of condemnation, such as summoning the Israeli ambassador to inform him of such a warning. The regime only dares to warn us, the Egyptian people, of chaos, repression, and arrests.

All that the Sisi regime does regarding the Zionist entity is to comply with its dictates and submit to its requirements and interests, ensuring “warm peace” with those killers and criminals who spill the blood of thousands of Palestinians. The security coordination between the Egyptian regime and Israel has reached a level that Zionist officials have repeatedly praised over Sisi’s years in power. For a whole decade, the regime participated in the Zionist siege on Gaza by severely restricting the movement of people and goods through the Rafah crossing. To further strangle and starve, the regime met Israeli demands to demolish and flood hundreds of tunnels leading to Gaza, which serve as a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of Gaza’s residents, under a continuous siege since 2006 that restricts the import and export of necessities, including medicine.

While the Revolutionary Socialists Movement honors the struggle of the Palestinian people and their heroic steadfastness in the face of Zionist criminality, it condemns the Egyptian regime’s submission to the Zionist entity and the role this regime has long played in suffocating the people of Gaza, significantly exacerbating their suffering under the siege.