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The First Demand of the Masses: Close the Embassy and Expel the Ambassador

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

Massacres Continue in Gaza… The Egyptian Regime Offers Nothing but Condemnation
Expel the Israeli Ambassador Now

Another massacre committed by the Zionist enemy against the people of Gaza through the deliberate bombing of the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, which was crowded with those injured by Israeli criminality, resulted in more than 500 martyrs, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, along with a large number of wounded.

The Zionist entity has long targeted hospitals treating the injured, and the open killing continues, clearly supported by the United States, which sends more weapons to drown the Palestinians in blood. Yet, the Palestinians continue to stand with unparalleled courage in the face of this criminality, with 14 Palestinians being killed nearly every hour, according to statistics from the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor.

As for the Egyptian stance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the massacre a short while ago, but not a word more, in a display of impotence and humiliation before the Zionist entity, whose officials have repeatedly praised security coordination with Egypt under Sisi over the past years.
Yesterday, the Egyptian Foreign Minister said, “Unfortunately, Israel has not yet allowed humanitarian aid to enter Gaza,” adding that “the Israeli side insists on inspecting all humanitarian aid trucks before they enter.” These are the borders between Egypt and Palestine, and the Zionist entity has no business with them. Suppose Egypt has no sovereignty in making such a decision. In that case, it is because it has no sovereignty except in oppressing, imprisoning, and impoverishing us Egyptians within the borders governed by Sisi’s regime.

Sisi has contributed to tightening the siege on the people of Gaza throughout his years in power. He has imposed severe restrictions on the passage of individuals and goods through the Rafah crossing (the only lifeline for Palestinians to access the necessities of life). At the behest of the Zionists, he destroyed and flooded the tunnels leading to Gaza years ago, which serve as a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents under a continuous siege since 2006 that restricts the import and export of basic life necessities, including medicine.

The Egyptian regime’s condemnations of Zionist crimes without taking even the slightest diplomatic step to pressure the Israeli government to stop the aggression and cease bombing the Rafah crossing reflect nothing but the regime’s failure to support the Palestinians and its preference not to disturb the “warm peace” it enjoys with the Zionists for decades, a peace that has grown even warmer since Sisi took power.

While Colombia expelled the Israeli ambassador from its territories on Monday in protest against the crimes of the entity he represents, the Egyptian regime has not yet dared to take such a step, which is the simplest and least action that can be taken to pressure the Zionist enemy.
We demand the immediate expulsion of the ambassador of the criminal Zionist entity from Egypt as the most diminutive measure that can be taken.