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Statement on Palestine and the protests in Egypt

The Revolutionary Socialists issued the following statement on 20 October 2023.

We support no side other than Palestine and endorse no one but the resistance. We call for the establishment of committees and associations in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Thousands of Egyptians took to the streets today to show support for Gaza and the people of Palestine. They marched their way through the streets paving their way to Tahrir Square. Soon after they reached, El Sisi’s security forces, along with their hired thugs, started dispersing the crowds. Clashes broke out, leading to the arrest of dozens of protesters. The same scenario was repeated with other demonstrations in various governorates across the country.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets today to show their support for Palestine and to endorse the resistance. This is in stark contrast to the authorization sought by El Sisi, who has become increasingly aware of the decline of his popularity, thanks to his policies of repression and impoverishment. Those who came out today not only reject the relocation of the people of Gaza to Sinai but also to the Negev, as suggested by El Sisi addressing his Zionist allies from the position of an adviser keen on not disrupting the “warm peace” between his regime and the Zionist state.

Our chants today were a slap in the face for the authoritarian regime, reclaiming more space for resistance from the authority’s control. Meanwhile, the oppression that these protesters faced is nothing but evidence proving the regime’s hostility to any form of solidarity with Palestine that does not succumb to its control. The regime rejects this form of solidarity and does not want from the Palestinian Cause except what it can benefit from.

The biggest support for the Palestinian people is to stand in solidarity with them in resisting this authoritarian government, which remains powerless in the face of its Zionist allies. This regime has already shared the Israeli state’s hostile position towards the resistance and the blockade of Gaza since it came to power, severely restricting the movement on the Rafah crossing. This is not to mention that it is responsible for the demolition and flooding of tunnels with seawater as well as the continuous security coordination with the Zionist state.

Today’s protests are just the beginning of the road, where El Sisi stands as an obstacle. In order to continue showing solidarity with Palestine, the Revolutionary Socialists calls on those who took to the streets today to form groups that can act as committees and associations in universities, schools, and neighborhoods, aimed at showing solidarity with Palestine by organizing and coordinating activities so that what we started today does not go to waste after the oppressive measures that the government took today.