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Release the Detainees in Solidarity with Palestine and Others Now

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

Dozens of demonstrators remain in detention after being arrested by the Interior Ministry and its thugs while dispersing solidarity protests with Palestine, especially in Tahrir Square last Friday. The dozens of Palestinian supporters are now facing fabricated charges of participating in acts of vandalism. Yesterday, Tuesday, the Public Prosecutor decided to detain 14 of them for 15 days pending investigations in case number 2468 of 2023, Supreme State Security Prosecution, and the rest are expected to be presented to the prosecution in succession.

These demonstrators came out to express their solidarity with the people of Gaza against the heinous crimes that have claimed the lives of over 6,000 Palestinians and injured 14,000 others. The actual charge they face is not the ready-made and false accusation of vandalism but rather their solidarity with Palestine outside the cloak of Sisi, who suppresses any form of solidarity with our brothers in Gaza without offering loyalty to him. These demonstrators came out in solidarity with Palestine, refusing to grant any mandate to Sisi and condemning the exploitation of the Palestinian cause for his benefit. Their accurate charge is that they claimed a piece of ground to reclaim the right to protest and demonstrate.

The regime continues its habitual repression, which it cannot live without. After the oppressive crackdown on Ahmed Tantawi’s campaign, making it impossible for it to gather the necessary endorsements to present him as a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, and the arrest of a large number of campaign members, these arrests continue to this day, reaching 128 detainees from campaign members from many governorates, the latest of whom was Bishoy Tawfik, the National Youth Secretary of the campaign, after special forces raided his home at dawn last Saturday. These arrests are nothing short of blatant acts of retaliation with which this cowardly regime punishes those who tried, and still try, to take even one step towards a better future.

The arrests also affected the displaced residents of Rafah, hundreds of whom gathered last Monday to demand their return to their villages, from which the regime forcibly displaced them in recent years under the pretext of fighting terrorism. These residents had ended a sit-in last August based on “presidential” promises to return to their villages on October 10th. When they returned to demand the fulfillment of these promises, the army forces surrounded them, assaulted them, and arrested several of them. The bitter irony is that this repression came just one day after Israel bombed a watchtower on the Egyptian side of the border, injuring 9 Egyptian soldiers, without any reaction or condemnation from the Egyptian side.

The Revolutionary Socialists movement demands the immediate release of all these detainees. At the same time, it calls on all those who participated in the solidarity demonstrations with Palestine to continue this solidarity by all means and also calls for joining the “Popular Campaign to Support the Palestinian Cause” and forming committees and associations as branches of this campaign in schools, universities, neighborhoods, and other places to maintain the organization and coordination of the solidarity movement and ensure its continuity.