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Open the Rafah Crossing Now!

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

A new massacre in Gaza, with over 400 martyrs falling in the Jabalia camp, the camp of resilience that has consistently produced resistance leaders generation after generation and ignited one intifada after another. The genocide continues, and the Zionist killing machine strikes madly right and left, north and south, in the besieged Gaza Strip… besieged by the Zionist entity and the regime of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

After three weeks of fierce battles and massacres, the stench that rivals even the smells of gunpowder, collapsed buildings, and piled-up corpses reeks of the regime’s complicity at Egypt’s eastern gate in proud Gaza. Despite the cries of the Palestinian resistance, relief agencies, and Palestinian citizens that Egypt should not remain a mere spectator and should do more than call for the entry of aid to Gaza, demanding the opening of the Rafah crossing to receive the wounded and allow aid in, the Egyptian regime continues to keep it closed and lies to its people and the world about its status. The regime claims that the crossing is open and excuses itself by saying that Israel “has not allowed” relief to enter or the wounded to exit. Even to allow any trucks carrying medical and relief supplies, the regime sends them to an Israeli checkpoint first before they are allowed to enter. It is a humiliating and disgraceful situation for those who boast of leading the “big sister” with a “pioneering” role.

To complete the farcical scene, the regime’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly organized a staged conference today in front of the crossing with Egyptian flags and announced to the public that Egypt is against the liquidation of the Palestinian cause as if opening the crossing, allowing the wounded in, and sending aid was part of a conspiracy against Palestinians and Egypt!

Yes, we are against the displacement of Palestinians to Sinai. Still, the Palestinians themselves are the first to reject it, and portraying the opening of the crossing as part of a displacement conspiracy is a falsehood from a ruler who has squandered Egyptian lands over a decade, as we saw in Tiran and Sanafir, as we saw in the privileges granted to Gulf sheikhs in owning lands, and as we saw in allowing the Zionist air force to carry out attacks against “terrorist targets” in Sinai. Thwarting the displacement plan comes by supporting the resistance, opening the crossing and allowing the wounded in, announcing the severance of diplomatic relations with the enemy and withdrawing the Egyptian ambassador from Tel Aviv, disengaging and ending reliance on Israeli gas imports for electricity generation, and allowing the forcibly displaced Sinai residents to return to their villages and towns that the Egyptian army destroyed on their heads in its war on “terrorism.”