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Call to demonstrate in Berlin: Free Palestine will not be canceled

We are documenting a call for a mass demonstration by the Palestine Campaign on the 4th of November in Berlin (Alexanderplatz) under the title “Free Palestine will not be canceled”.

We call on people from across Germany and Europe to come to Berlin on 4 November 2023 for a peaceful and legal protest in solidarity with Palestine.

Since October 7th, Israel has killed more than 5,000 people in besieged Gaza through aerial bombardment. Israel has told over a million people to leave their homes and denied water and food to an entire population. Scholars warn that Israel’s stated aims and actions meet the definition of genocide on several counts.

The German government continues to offer Israel its unwavering support. The city of Berlin has banned almost all protests in solidarity with Palestine, outlawed symbols of Palestinian identity in our schools and unleashed a wave of police violence against Palestinians and their supporters in which hundreds of people have been arrested.

In light of this escalation in Israel’s decades-long occupation of Palestine and the restriction of free speech in Germany, we must take to the streets for Palestine in numbers never seen before. Join us on November 4th.